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fosfor gadgets | June 21, 2018

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7th generation LCDs from Samsung

Samsung LN-S4052D

Samsung have unveiled their 7th generation LCD models, and this time you can actually look at them and see that it’s a brand new model – like this shiny white 40″ model called LN-S4052D.

Full press release from Samsung:

SAMSUNG Offers First 7TH Generation Line Of LCD HDTVs
State-of-The-Art 92 and 96 Series LCD HDTVs Set Technology and Style Standards with MP3 Player Connectivity and Hidden Speaker Design
New York, NY – Samsung’s new 92 and 96 Series LCD HDTVs take LCD HDTV design, technology and enjoyment to the next level, offering consumers a truly unique high definition experience. Available in 46″, 40″ and 32″ screen sizes, the latest additions to Samsung’s award-winning LCD HDTV family offer a host of new features for the multi-media consumer in an aesthetically-progressive package that complements any home d├ęcor.

Samsung is committed to expanding consumers’ choices of LCD home theater through technology innovation,” said Dave Das, Senior Marketing Manager for LCD, Samsung Electronics America. “Utilizing advanced production techniques at the world’s most advanced Generation 7 LCD fabrication facility Samsung has once again raised the bar for technology achievement with our 2006 LCD models. The new LCD models offer not only phenomenal picture quality, superior design and connectivity, but also provide a high performance, large format LCD solution which discriminating consumers are actively seeking”.

Samsung’s 92 Series and 96 Series LCD HDTVs include breakthrough technologies with S-PVA (Super Patterned Vertical Alignment) panel technology to provide a wider viewing angle, wide color gamut CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) backlight for a brighter picture and increased color accuracy, and 1080p resolution for the 96 series, 40″ and above.

A special Game Mode feature reduces lag and provides improved graphics and sound for a truly immersive video gaming experience. A built-in RS232 port in the 92 series allows users to connect Samsung MP3 player models and other portable audio players and navigate music files on-screen via LCD remote control. Samsung’s unique DACS (Dual Audio Chamber Speaker) System features dual dedicated acoustic chambers for expanded low-range, and separate mid/high-range speakers, and SRS Tru Surround XT provide the ultimate in cinematic sound.

Samsung LN-S4051D

92 Series
The 92 series offers 46″, 40″ or 32″ screen sizes, all with the same luxurious styling, so consumers can maintain a consistent design balance when placing sets in additional rooms. Samsung’s unique design places the speaker at the bottom of the set to create a clean, hidden effect. The LCD models offer 1366 x 768 progressive resolution and a 92% wide color gamut. With a dynamic contrast ratio of 5000:1, the 92 series LCDs display video in rich, vibrant color for a picture that is more realistic and inspiring than ever. A wide 178 H/V viewing angle allows consumers to enjoy the screen with perfect clarity from almost any vantage point. Two HDMI, PC, Composite, S-Video and side AV connections ensure that users can hook up peripheral devices with ease.

The 46″ LN-S4692D has a $3,999 MSRP while the 40″ LN-S4092D has an MSRP of $3,299; and the 32″ LN-S3292D comes in at a $2,199 MSRP. All are currently available.

96 Series
The step-up 96 series ups the HDTV ante even further, as all models are digital cable ready for added flexibility in tuning terrestrial and cable digital signals. The 40″ and 46″ models feature 1080p resolution for the best available high definition experience. Both models also feature USB 1.1 and IEEE1394 ports for easy connections to PCs and other digital devices. All of the 96 Series HDTVs feature an expanded 6,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for stunningly deep blacks, and bright, clear whites. The 178 viewing angle provides consumers with a high quality image from almost anywhere in the room.

The 46″ LN-S4696D ($4,799 MSRP) and the 40″ LN-S4096D ($4,099 MSRP) will be available in August 2006. The 32″ LN-S3296D is available in July at $2,299 MSRP.

Samsung LN-S4696D

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