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fosfor gadgets | November 12, 2018

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Posts By Edgar Mutelbrünk

Top 10 Superbowl gadgets

2/3/2013 | 4

Football Universal Remote Control
Since it is Superbowl this weekend what can be better than a Top 10 list of Superbowl gear. We really enjoyed putting this one together and we sure hope you enjoy reading it.

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Interesting perspective on life

2/2/2013 |

This is a really depressing infographic, as it basically presents a statistical average of the total time you spend on education, work, shopping etc. and concludes that you have around 9 years of quality time – in your whole life. Source: TechCrunch

Strange OSX TextEdit bug

2/2/2013 | 1

If you have OSX try starting ‘TextEdit’ and then start typing:


On the third ‘/’ your app will crash.

Update: This seems to be a bug in a lot of OSX applications – just try entering ‘File:///’ in the url location in your browser (the capital F is important) – my browser, Chrome, will crash instantly. Crazy bug.

Lotus 1-2-3 commercial

1/30/2013 |

Here’s a funny commercial for Lotus 1-2-3 (a really old spreadsheet tool, launched in 1983) made for a tradeshow in 1983. Things have changed a bit since then…

Why Apple is losing its aura

1/29/2013 | 2

It’s a bit worrying that almost every day a similar article like this one pops up. Clearly something is happening with Apple at the moment, and it’s not something good.

Why Apple is losing its aura []

Gaming now and then, 2013 edition

1/28/2013 | 5

If someone would have presented a XBOX 360 for me and my friends 20 years ago, I’m pretty sure we probably would have fainted. When you compare similar games from the mid-eighties with today’s top notch video and computergames, the difference in graphics is quite amazing.

Here’s an interesting comparison of 11 games from the 80′s with todays killer games.
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iPhone fatigue in Hong Kong & Singapore

1/28/2013 |

Reports of Apple’s decreased market share is coming in from all over the world. Here’s a current report showing a clear trend showing that the mobile traffic from iOS devices has shrunkt from a peak of 72 percent in January 2012 to 50 percent this month.

Android devices has picked up from 20 percent to 43 percent.

In Asia’s trend-setting cities, iPhone fatigue sets in []

Another report from Wall Street Cheat sheet shows that the growth for Apple products has slowed down much faster than they anticipated: Is Apple the new Microsoft []

3rd person view camera

1/27/2013 |

Here’s a cool kickstarter project that let’s you put a small action camera, like the GoPro on an arm that will let you shoot cool third person view action footage. The kik consists mainly of three items:

- A curved carbon sandwich backplate that is worn with a waterproof adjustable sports belt.
- Adjustable camera pole.
- A locking/release mechanism.

The whole system weighs around 950 grams and can fit in a backpack when you are done filming. The project will run until February 18 and they are currently funded around 70%, so it will most definitely get funded.

3rd person view action camera []

Segway fail

1/27/2013 | 1

We all know that riding a Segway can be a bit difficult. Here’s a short video showing nothing but people failing to ride the Segway.


1/26/2013 |

h.265 also known as High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) has finally been approved. The cool thing with this new codec is that it reduces the needed bitrate to produce a high quality stream by nearly 50%. It requires more CPU power that is less of a problem nowadays.

It will of course take a few years until the new standard is available on all devices but it’s certainly a very good step that we’ve at least got a standard.

More about this over at Techcrunch.