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fosfor gadgets | November 18, 2018

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Posts By Edgar Mutelbrünk

What if Apple redesigned their logo?

1/16/2013 |

20 designers put some effort into redesigning Apple’s logo. Some of them are pretty cool. Check out the full gallery over at Applegazette.

Redesigning the Apple logo []

Bad lip reading in the NFL

1/16/2013 |

Sorry for the off topic post, I just found this clip so funny! :)


Facebooks live event

1/15/2013 |

Facebook is currently doing a mysterious press event where they are supposed to present something new and cool. Check out the live feed from The Verge.

Update: They, Facebook, have announced something they call Graph search which supposedly is some kind of search engine where you can search all data that has been shared with you on Facebook.

PIXEL, an interactive LED display for pixel art

1/14/2013 |

Here’s a nice LED display in a nice frame that can display different pixel art files. You can put new files on to the dispay by using an Android phone and a kit will cost you around $200.

Check out more info on their homepage, or their Kickstarter page.

GameStick – another cool Kickstarter

1/14/2013 |

A lot of things is happening over at Kickstarter nowadays. Here’s another cool project which consist of a handheld controller and a wireless HDMI-stick. Just plug it into a TV and you can start gaming. It’s based on Android and will be launched around April for $135. More about the project over at their Kickstarter page.

Get yourself a 1/4 scale Gollum / Smeagol replica

1/14/2013 | 1

For $50 you could get yourself a 1/4 scale Gollum / Smeagol replica figure. It’s fully articulated and features 25 points of articulation. It’s quite detailed with liver spots on skin, scrappy hair, wrinkles, rotting teeth, etc. The replica figure can balance in his signature crouch without falling and measures roughly 10″ (25 cm).

Gollum & Smeagol figure []

RoBo 3D – dream come true 3D printer?

1/14/2013 |

Robo 3D is an amazing 3D printer project currently running at Kickstarter. The cool thing is that it can be compared to the Replicator 2 regarding the tech specs, but the price is much lower – around $500 compared to $2199. The project will close in 18 days (Friday Feb 1) and it is a seriously cool project with 526 backers at this point.

RoBo 3D at Kickstarter []

LIFX – wifi enabled, smart light bulb

9/17/2012 |

LIFX - wifi enabled, smart light bulb

The LIFX is a really cool Kickstarter project that basically is a WiFi-enabled light bulb that will let you change it’s color or dim it using your iPhone or Android phone. They are quite expensive but the inventor says they will last up to 25 years. Check it out:

LIFX: The Light Bulb Reinvented []

Live stream from Apple’s iPhone 5 event

9/12/2012 | 1

As usual there’s no live stream from the Apple event but here’s the best places to follow it ‘live’:

The Verge’s iPhone 5 live blog
Gizmodo Live
Engadget’s live blog

Tachi Pachi

9/6/2012 |

A couple of friends just launched their really cool – and first – iPhone game. It’s called Tachi Pachi and it’s a cute puzzle game where you need to clean the environment by making cleaning bubbles. As soon as you have cleared 80% of the screen you’re done – and the levels keep getting harder. It’s launching today at a reduced price of $1. Check it out at or directly in the App Store.

Tachi Pachi