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fosfor gadgets | November 18, 2018

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Posts By Mikael Svardh

R.I.P. Steve

10/6/2011 | 4

The tragical news that Steve Jobs has died was just released by Apple. Rest in peace, Steve. You are already missed…

Remembering Steve Jobs

iPhone 4s

10/4/2011 | 3

Well, we didn’t get a new iPhone 5 today, but at least we got a nice upgrade. The new iPhone 4s features a dual-core A5 chip for improved speed, a new 8 megapixel camera sensor with new optics (looks quite interesting this one!), full 1080p HD video recording and a new voice driven intelligent assistant. Read all about it after the break.

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Apple Store is closed!

10/4/2011 | 1

…and we all know why! Apple’s event starts in 20 minutes and you can follow it live on these sites:
gdgt Live
Ars Technica Live

Meet the Amazon Kindle Fire

9/28/2011 | 5

Amazon Kindle Fire

Meet the brand new Amazon Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire falls short in almost all technical aspects if you compare it head-to-head with other tablets on the market – but it’s got one big ‘feature’ – it’s cheap! For $199 you get a 7 inch tablet with decent speed, enough storage to handle quite some content and up to 8 hours of usage. This will sell like crazy. Full tech specs inside.

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iPad 2 is finally announced

3/2/2011 | 3

iPad 2

Steve Jobs showed the new iPad 2 today in San Francisco. It features double cameras, a dual core A5 processor, is thinner and lighter while it still has 10 hours of battery life. Check it all out:

iPad 2 is here []

Which helmet shall I wear today?

1/26/2011 | 14

Which helmet shall I wear today?

This photo of the day features the coolest helmet collection ever!

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The most expensive Star Wars box ever?

1/26/2011 | 3

The most expensive Star Wars box ever?

Here’s an insanely expensive Star Wars box – containing frames. So it’s basically six really expensive books in a fancy box – for $3000… More info inside.

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Star Wars Kokeshi dolls

1/25/2011 | 3

Star Wars Kokeshi dolls

Kokeshi dolls are from Japan. They are handmade from wood and always lack arms and legs. I think these hand painted Star Wars Kokeshi dolls are really cool.

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AT-AT Rodeo

1/25/2011 | 1

AT-AT Rodeo

This photo of the day is a weird one still ultra cool. Some kind of alien is doing a rodeo routine on an AT-AT.

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Angry Birds felt buddies

1/25/2011 | 1

Angry Birds felt buddies

You haven’t missed out on the Angry Birds game I hope? It’s been downloaded over 12 million times so it’s definitely one of the most popular games for 2010. A woman in Manila has produced felt versions of all the popular Angry birds characters.

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