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fosfor gadgets | September 19, 2018

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Bose In-Ear headphones

Bose In-Ear headphones

Bose have launched their own In-Ear phones, and I got kind of surprised when I saw that the price tag only read $99 – I expected something like $299, but I have no idea how these cuties sound. You’ll find a couple of pictures and the press info inside.

Press release from Bose:

New standards: Lifelike sound. Comfortable design. Stable fit.

Introducing Bose® in-ear headphones. Finally, you can enjoy acclaimed Bose audio performance with in-ear headphones offering a remarkably comfortable and stable fit.

Bose In-Ear headphones

Hear the difference Bose technologies make
Bose in-ear headphones are the only in-ear headphones on the market with proprietary TriPort® acoustic headphone structure. This exclusive technology enables these headphones to provide greater low-frequency output than most conventional earbuds.

Bose engineers also incorporated an innovative electro-acoustic design for natural, lifelike sound reproduction. The result? You experience music with more fullness, range and clarity than you may have thought possible with in-ear headphones.

Comfortable and secure—even on the move
Earbuds can be difficult to keep in place and may feel uncomfortable after extended use. But new Bose in-ear headphones are carefully engineered to remain comfortable and stable for hours. Their contoured, soft silicone tips rest gently and securely in the outer bowl of your ears, even during long listening sessions. And they stay put when you’re on the move.

Bose In-Ear headphones

For a more accurate fit, these removable tips come in three sizes. And don’t be surprised if the best option for you is a different size tip for each ear.

Convenient case included
Bose in-ear headphones are engineered specifically for portable audio devices like MP3 players, and CD and DVD players. A small carrying case is included to help protect the headphones and keep the cable from tangling.

Bose In-Ear headphones

Ear cushion outside dimensions: • 1.3″ H x 1″ W • 3.3 cm x 2.6 cm • One side – Medium tip
Weight with cables: • .64 oz • (18.1 g) • Two sides – Medium tips

What’s In the Box
• 1 pair of in-ear headphones with 49″ (1.24 m) audio cable
• 1 pair each of small, medium and large silicone tips
• Carrying case

Bose® In-Ear Headphones []

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  1. These look like some really legit bluetooth headset cases! Can I find these somewhere local?

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