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fosfor gadgets | April 22, 2018

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Canon EOS 40D – scoop

Canon EOS 40D

Canon EOS 40D will be unveiled on September 26th – at least if you trust the word on the street. Even though the Canon EOS 30D haven’t been around for too long its quite a logical step to launch a 10.1 megapixel camera in the semipro segment (hey, the amateur segment even has one, 400D). Here’s what we know:

1.6x 10.1M CMOS senor (30D has 1.6x 8.2M CMOS Sensor)
Anti-dust feature New!
2.5 inch LCD (30D has 2.5 inch LCD)
9 focus points (30D has 9 focus points)
5 fps (30D has 5fps)
Compact flash based memory cards (same as 30D).

And yes, the photo is a mockup.

Thanks Peter!

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