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fosfor gadgets | October 17, 2018

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iPad with 128GB storage

1/29/2013 | 2

Apple will release a brand new iPad version on February 5. It will be available in black or white and will cost $799 for the wifi version and $929 for the cellular version. Full info after the jump.

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Why Apple is losing its aura

1/29/2013 | 2

It’s a bit worrying that almost every day a similar article like this one pops up. Clearly something is happening with Apple at the moment, and it’s not something good.

Why Apple is losing its aura []

iOS 6.1 is live

1/28/2013 | 1

Just a quick note to let you know that the iOS 6.1 is live for your iPhone or iPad. If you have an Apple TV there’s an update there as well. No big news, just a few bug fixes and extra LTE support (4G) plus the ability to download separate songs if you’re using iTunes match. Full info after the jump:

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iPhone fatigue in Hong Kong & Singapore

1/28/2013 |

Reports of Apple’s decreased market share is coming in from all over the world. Here’s a current report showing a clear trend showing that the mobile traffic from iOS devices has shrunkt from a peak of 72 percent in January 2012 to 50 percent this month.

Android devices has picked up from 20 percent to 43 percent.

In Asia’s trend-setting cities, iPhone fatigue sets in []

Another report from Wall Street Cheat sheet shows that the growth for Apple products has slowed down much faster than they anticipated: Is Apple the new Microsoft []

First clip from the Steve Jobs movie

1/25/2013 |

Here’s the first clip from the new movie jOBS about Steve Jobs life. As you probably already know it’s starring Ashton Kutcher and he looks really promising in the role as Steve Jobs.

Camera test: Sony Xperia Z vs iPhone 5

1/23/2013 | 1

Here’s a quick review of the camera in the brand new Sony Xperia Z vs the iPhone 5 (and the Oppo Find 5). Since the Xperia Z features a 13 megapixel camera that is supposed to be really good, I’m a bit surprised that the difference isn’t bigger. The Sony Xperia Z is by the way the first phone in years that made me even think about switching from my iPhone 5.

Comparison shots pit Sony Xperia Z against the Apple iPhone and Oppo Find 5 []

Apple’s roadmap for 2013 – predictions

1/16/2013 |

This roadmap is just a prediction from an analyst, but it’s still interesting to see because a lot of research and hours has been put into this chart to get a reasonable prediction. When everybody was hoping to see the new iPhone 5, Apple showed us the iPhone 4s and most probably the same thing will happen this year – just a minor update. However I sure hope that Apple will make sure iOS 7 is a major, major update in regards to design and look & feel.

Check out the full article over at

What if Apple redesigned their logo?

1/16/2013 |

20 designers put some effort into redesigning Apple’s logo. Some of them are pretty cool. Check out the full gallery over at Applegazette.

Redesigning the Apple logo []

iOS 7 – concept videos

1/16/2013 |

I here it almost every day nowadays; “The iPhone looks outdated’. And I kind of agree with them and I’m one of many that are hoping that iOS 7 will come with an updated design. Here are a few concept videos (not from Apple though) with some fresh ideas!

iOS 7 Multitasking [youtube]
iOS 7 Social hub [youtube]

iPhone camera shootout

10/6/2012 | 1

I got the iPhone 5 a few weeks ago (I’m really satisfied by the way) and I have put together a quick camera shootout. Other than the iPhone 5 I used the 3Gs, 4 and the 4s. I was mostly interested in the difference between the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5 as I haven’t found any significant improvements other than overall speed while using it. I started out with a traditional ‘objects on the table’ shot.

As you can see in the photos above the results were basically what you would expect. The 3Gs is worst and has the typical foggy look, while there’s really no big difference between the 4s and the 5. Let’s see what the 100% crops looks like.

I threw in a Canon 550D shot, just to get a reference, and as you can see the 4s and the 5 look basically the same. Moving on to a close-up of Captain America:

Same thing here, a bit foggy 3Gs image, the typical blue tone image from the iPhone 4, and the 4s and the 5 shots are very similar. No big improvement, and the 100% crops looked basically the same for the 4s and the 5, so I didn’t bother publishing them. Let’s move on to a daylight landscape shot.

All of the images look quite good, as you would expect from a shot when there’s plenty of light available. The same thing here; iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5 are a very close match.

When Apple talk about the new camera in the iPhone 5 they mostly talk about the speed and that it’s better to capture images in low-light conditions so let’s move into a quite dark closet.

And here’s the first dramatical difference between the phones. I didn’t use the flash in any of the shots, to actually see what the phones were capable of capturing in low-light conditions. All of the images except the iPhone 5 version are useless. Even though the iPhone 5 shot is very noisy (see a 100% crop below), it’s still a big difference compared to the iPhone 4s.

Conclusion: The camera from the iPhone 5 is a a slight improvement in a head-to-head comparision with the iPhone 4s. The camera is much faster and can capture images where the 4s just produce a nearly black shot. But I guess you won’t upgrade from a 4s to a 5 just for the slightly improved camera…