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fosfor gadgets | October 17, 2018

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blu-ray & hd dvd

Toshiba RD-X7

10/4/2007 |

Toshiba RD-X7

Toshiba RD-X7 is a new exciting HD DVD recorder that is capable of recording high definition video material to standard DVD discs. They do this by using the much more efficient compression technology MPEG4. On a standard DVD-R the recorder can fit 2 hours of high definition video (I’m not sure in which resolution, but at least 720p), and on a HD DVD-R up to 6 hours can be recorded. We will probably see an official announcement from Toshiba regarding the RD-X7 in the next couple of weeks.

New Toshiba HD DVD Recorders Also Write HD to Regular DVDs []

Pioneer BDP-95FD

9/6/2007 |

Pioneer BDP-95FD

BDP-95FD is Pioneer newly announced high-end blu-ray player. The player is aimed towards audio- and videophiles with high demands and includes evertyhing you would expect from an expensive player including streaming capabilities from another computer. The estimated retail price will be $1 000 and it’s available in October.

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Samsung BD-UP5000

9/2/2007 |

Samsung BD-UP5000

Samsung BD-UP5000 is the second go (LG did the first one) at creating a player that will put an end to the (stupid) format war between HD DVD and blu-ray – this player reads both formats. A rumour said that Samsung would give this one an extremely high price ($1049) , and if that’s the case it might be cheaper to buy a HD DVD player and a blu-ray player instead of the BD-UP5000

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Venturer SHD7000

8/29/2007 |

Venturer SHD7000

Today the Blu-ray team got some serious pressure on it’s shoulders to announce a cheap entry blu-ray player, beacuse that is exactly what the HD DVD guys did today with the Venturer SHD7000 – the price tag reads $199. And you still get HDMI out and Dolby TrueHD support. Let’s get ready to rumble, come on give us some cheap Blu-ray players too!

First Sub-$200 HD DVD Player Announced: Venturer SHD7000 []

Better full HD compression

8/28/2007 |

The Fujitsu MB86H52 chip

Today Fujitsu announced a new transcoder for compressing high definition video data (1920×1080). The new codec from Fujitsu can compress video data to less than half the original size which means that devices such as hard disc recorders and set-top boxes will be able to store more HD video using the same amount of gigabytes. Geek details inside.

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Sony high-def PC/TV with Blu-ray

8/27/2007 |


The Sony VAIO LT HD PC/TV is definitely the big news of the day – and if this one would come from Apple instead of Sony it would be all over the gadgetosphere. It’s a HDTV set with a built-in powerful PC and the optional blu-ray drive. Pretty neat! The standard version is $1900 and the blu-ray version will be $2900 when the LT HD PC/TV (why don’t they give it a cool name instead of just a rack of capital letters?) is out in OctoberFull info inside.

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Cheaper 1080p TVs to come

8/23/2007 |

 Microna single-chip solution for 1080p

We got some press information from the chip manufacturer Micronas about a new chip they are announcing, and that may seem like quite boring news but it’s in fact quite interesting news as it will radically decrease the production cost for full HD LCDs and Plasma screens. The single chip solution solves pretty much everything a manufacturer need to be able to produce a cheap high definition screen. I guess it will be hard to get hold of a 42″ screen with a lower resolution than 1920×1080 in a year or two (try to find a Plasma screen with the 852×480 resolution that was popular a couple of years ago…)

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Michael Bay supports blu-ray…or?

8/22/2007 |

Michael Bay supports blu-ray...or?

Yesterday, Michael Bay made some noise:

“Paramount sucks. I want people to see my movies in the best formats possible. For them to deny people who have Blu-ray sucks! They were progressive by having two formats. No Transformers 2 for me!”

on his forum about the fact that Paramount ditched the blu-ray format. Today he’s written a short post on his blog letting us know that he overreacted and HD DVD is the way to go. Hmpf.

Michael Bay HD-DVD post []
via [digg]

Money talks in the hd battle

8/21/2007 |

HD DVD vs blu-ray

Yesterday we reported that Paramount and Dreamworks will support the HD DVD format exclusively and now NY Times has published an interesting article on the topic. It looks like the war is getting really dirty as Paramount got a $150 million pay-off to support the HD DVD format exclusively for a period of 18 months.

But money talks: Paramount and DreamWorks Animation together will receive about $150 million in financial incentives for their commitment to HD DVD, according to two Viacom executives with knowledge of the deal but who asked not to be identified.

Two Studios to Support HD DVD Over Rival []

Paramount & Dreamworks on HD DVD only

8/20/2007 |

Blades of Glory, courtesy of Paramount Pictures

The blu-ray team got a really hard punch on their nose today when Paramount and Dreamworks announced that they will exclusively launch all of their titles on HD DVD only. That’s right – exclusive support for the HD DVD format. So if you thought that blu-ray was the clear winner you have to think again, the battle is very much still a battle. Details inside.

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