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fosfor gadgets | October 17, 2018

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blu-ray & hd dvd

Toshiba HD-A2 – review

1/16/2007 |

Toshiba HD-XA2

A couple of months ago we published some information about this 2nd generation HD DVD player from Toshiba, Toshiba HD-A2. The hometheaterblog has published one of the first reviews of this $499 high definition player.

Find a deal on a player and start enjoying some of this terrific HD content. If you happen to go the HD DVD route, I can easily recommend either the HD-A2 or HD-A20 (I’m under the assumption it’s basically a HD-A2 with 1080p output) without reservation.

Toshiba HD-A2 Review

First HD DVD movie leaked

1/15/2007 |

HD DVD leaked

According to this post over at someone has managed to crack the secret codes of HD DVD and published the first full HD DVD movie dump as an illegal bittorrent.

It hasn’t even been a month since the HD-DVD ripper, BackupHDDVD was released and we’re already seeing high definition feature films pop up on torrent sites. Other than Serenity, it is rumoured that HD-DVDs of the movies Batman Begins, Chronicles of Riddick, 12 Monkeys and King Kong have been decrypted and consequently shown up on torrent sites.

First HD-DVD Movie Leaked Onto BitTorrent []
via [digg]

250 GB blu-ray discs from Ritek?

1/15/2007 |

Ritek HD DVD disc, Blu-ray

According to this story over at, Ritek has managed to produce discs that can hold 7 additional layers of data which would mean that a HD DVD would yield 150GB, and a Blu-ray a whopping 250GB. We’ll see if this invention will ever leave the lab over at Ritek…

Three HD Layers Today, Ten Tomorrow []
via [Engadget]

Samsung BD-P1200

1/8/2007 | 1

Samsung BD-P1200

Today Samsung sent us some information about their new 2nd generation blu-ray player Samsung BD-P1200. The new slimmer player will be out in March for $799. More information and pictures inside.

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Blu-ray disc unboxing

12/24/2006 |

U2 - Rattle & Hum blu-ray version
Ok, this might be a little weird but since I know that some of you want it, here’s an unboxing of a blu-ray disc. The disc we’re unboxing is U2: Rattle & Hum. Check it out.

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Lots of blu-ray and HD DVD…

12/20/2006 |

blu-ray & HD DVD at Best Buy
I went to a local Best Buy today to get a cable and browsed around a bit before leaving. I was kind of surprised how big the departments for HD DVD and blu-ray movies was – probably around 60-70 titles for both formats. Prices started at $19.99 and went up to $39.99. A typical new title like Superman returns was $24.99.

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Ripping Blu-ray with PS3

11/30/2006 |

PS3 raw dump of Blu-ray disc
If you’re would be interested in ripping the full content of a blu-ray movie disc (or a blu-ray ps3 game disc), the Playstation 3 and Linux is your best friends. All you have to do is enter a single command line…

World’s First PS3 Blu-ray Movie dumped! [PS3 News]
via [Gizmodo]

Sony DADC 50 GB Blu-ray up

11/20/2006 |

Blu-ray & HD DVD

Sony DADC has announced that they now have six 50 GB Blu-ray Disc production lines up and running. The company, which announced its 50 GB Blu-ray production plans in May of this year, is currently ramping up production to 60 000 discs per day. High demand for the 50 GB dual layer Blu-ray Disc is a result of the format’s ability to deliver superior, uncompressed audio and high bit-rate video, more value added interactive content, as well as more available space to
include additional bonus features such as deleted scenes, interviews and commentary.

We are encouraged by the performance of both our 25 GB single layer and 50 GB dual layer production technologies, both of which are meeting our expectations,” stated Michael Mitchell, Executive Vice President, Manufacturing and Engineering for Sony DADC.

In addition to the six dual layer lines currently running, the company has nine 25 GB Blu-ray Disc production machines in operation and has shipped over three million Blu-ray Discs for a client base of over 35 customers since beginning production in May of this year.

PureVideo HD from NVIDIA

11/2/2006 |

PureVideo HD from NVIDIA
The high definition video market is quite a jungle, and it’s absolutely not certain that your computer is capable of playing high definition video. NVIDIA has announced a a new chip called PureVideo HD that is capable of producing great high definition end results. More information inside.

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Blu-ray/HD DVD hybrid disc

9/20/2006 | 1

Blu-ray & HD DVD The Blu-ray & HD DVD format war has already begun, and that’s why this new patent from Warner Bros is really interesting, exciting and good news. It looks like they have managed to produce a hybrid disc that can be used in both Blu-ray and HD DVD players. I guess we weill hear more about this patent in the near future.

Warner patents Blu-ray/HD DVD hybrid disc[]
via [Gizmodo]