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fosfor gadgets | November 18, 2018

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Cell phones

Nokia N91 – Preview

5/3/2005 |

Nokia N91

You already know that it has a 4GB drive, WiFi capabilities and a 2 megapixel camera. But it’s quite a while until it appears in a store near you, so is it worth waiting for? Check out this preview

Preview: Nokia N91 []

Mobile Walkman W800i from Sony Ericsson

3/1/2005 |

Mobile Walkman W800 Sony Ericssons new mobile walkman W800i is quite an interesting model. First of all, it comes with a 512 MB memorystick and has the ability to play continuos music for up to 30 hours. Secondly, it has a two megapixel camera with video capabilities. It’s a really good mix between camera, a walkman and a cellphone. It also has the ability to shut down the radio signals, so you can have the mobile switched on during flights and listen to music and take pictures. You can expand the phones memory up to 1GB.

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Paris Hilton’s private pictures – hacked sidekick

2/21/2005 |

Well, it seems like Paris Hiltons personal sidekick has been hacked again, and someone has posted it all online. I guess that Eminem, Christina Aguilera and a bunch of other celebrities aren’t that fond of having their personal contact information published…and she’s probably not that fond of having her private nude and topless lesbian pictures published either.

Paris Hilton’s hacked SIDEKICK [Mirror] Warning! Nudity
Paris Hilton’s hacked SIDEKICK [Mirror2] Warning! Nudity Warning! Nudity Warning! Nudity

Paris Hilton phone hacked; private… [Drudge Report]
Paris Hilton’s hacked Sidekick [Engadget]

Paris Hilton hacking victim? [CNN]
Paris Hilton [Google Image Search]

AU Design Project

2/9/2005 |

AU Design ProjectWhether this phone will hit the market or not, is still a question for me, but I really hope so. It got to be one of the nicest looking cellphones yet.
AU Design Project via [Mocoloco].

Siemens SK65 Reviews

2/9/2005 |

Siemens SK65Last year Siemens announced the SK65 – what seemed to be quite a cool phone, especially with the twist-out QWERTY keyboard. But everyone is not that enthusiastic anymore. But it’s still a cool phone. review 01.11.05 review
Engadget review 02.09.05

Official Siemens Page
Siemens SK65 [Google Image Search]

Sony Ericsson S710a – Reviews

2/7/2005 |

Sony Ericsson S710a

There’s been a lot of fuzz today about the supposedly leaked pictures of the upcoming Sony Ericsson Clara, but who really knows at the moment. One thing we do now, is that the Sony Ericsson S710a is up for grabs really soon. Here are some reviews. Review 12.09.04
CNET Review 01.21.05
Engadget Review 02.07.05

Offical SonyEricsson page
S710a [Google Image Search]

Abort Smartphone and Pocket PC

1/8/2005 |

Microsoft will replace the brands Smartphone and Pocket PC with ‘Windows mobile’. During the coming year, two years at the latest, the brand ‘Windows mobile’ shall be the brand for all these technologies from Microsoft.

Non-portable GSM phone

1/7/2005 |

Jablotron has released a quite odd GSM phone. It’s a fullsized deskhphone, with the difference that it’s completly mobile, based on GSM technology. No need for a land line there.
GSM Desktop Phone GDP-02[Jablotron]Jablotron GSM Desktop Phone GDP-02