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fosfor gadgets | November 12, 2018

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Top 10 Superbowl gadgets

2/3/2013 | 4

Football Universal Remote Control
Since it is Superbowl this weekend what can be better than a Top 10 list of Superbowl gear. We really enjoyed putting this one together and we sure hope you enjoy reading it.

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Interesting perspective on life

2/2/2013 |

This is a really depressing infographic, as it basically presents a statistical average of the total time you spend on education, work, shopping etc. and concludes that you have around 9 years of quality time – in your whole life. Source: TechCrunch

Gaming now and then, 2013 edition

1/28/2013 | 5

If someone would have presented a XBOX 360 for me and my friends 20 years ago, I’m pretty sure we probably would have fainted. When you compare similar games from the mid-eighties with today’s top notch video and computergames, the difference in graphics is quite amazing.

Here’s an interesting comparison of 11 games from the 80′s with todays killer games.
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3rd person view camera

1/27/2013 |

Here’s a cool kickstarter project that let’s you put a small action camera, like the GoPro on an arm that will let you shoot cool third person view action footage. The kik consists mainly of three items:

- A curved carbon sandwich backplate that is worn with a waterproof adjustable sports belt.
- Adjustable camera pole.
- A locking/release mechanism.

The whole system weighs around 950 grams and can fit in a backpack when you are done filming. The project will run until February 18 and they are currently funded around 70%, so it will most definitely get funded.

3rd person view action camera []

The mirror car

1/22/2013 | 2

I got this photo sent to me, and I don’t know much about it more than it’s a Lamborghini with a mirror suit. Pretty cool isn’t it? If anybody knows something about this image, please post a comment.

Crusader helmet trash can

1/22/2013 |

Here’s a custom 12th century helmet made into a trash can, if you feel like getting a a bit medieval. It’s made out of cast resin finished in faux metal style. It measures 9″ x 10″ x 12″ (23 cm x 25cm x 30cm) and weighs 6 lbs (2,7kg). It can be yours for $60 over at thinkgeek.

iTypewriter – a typewriter for the iPad

9/3/2012 |

The iTypewriter by Austin Yang is a fully functional typewriter module for the iPad. Very geeky and it looks like there’s probably only one of them in existance. Anyway I thought it was a quite cool project, check it out over at Austin’s site for more images and a video.

iTypewriter []

Han Solo – Space Cowboy art

8/30/2012 |

Han Solo - Space Cowboy

Found a cool colone of Andy Warhol’s ‘Cowboy’ Elvis on Etsy. Nice 18″ x 24″ one color silkscreen poster for $40.

SPACE COWBOY – Star Wars Inspired, Han Solo, 18 x 24 []

Printrbot, a cheaper 3D printer

8/30/2012 | 2


The currently most popular 3D printer made for the home is the Makerbot. It’s becoming increasingly popular and as they manufacture larger volumes the price will most definitely go down in the future, but it’s still quite expensive with a price tag of $1749 plus shipping.

And that’s where the Printrbot fills a gap. It’s not as advanced as the Makerbot but it’s still a very capable 3D printer and it’s only $799. The project got funded on December 17 on Kickstarter and pledged a total of $830,828 pledged by 1808 backers. I wonder how long it will take before the big guys – Canon, Epson, Samsung or HP – put their first inexpensive 3D printer on the market? The demand is high. For sure.

Printrbot [Kickstarter] []

Which helmet shall I wear today?

1/26/2011 | 14

Which helmet shall I wear today?

This photo of the day features the coolest helmet collection ever!

via []