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fosfor gadgets | November 18, 2018

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Lots of telephone ads

8/30/2005 |

Phone ad from 1940

This guy collects telephones, and ads on telephones – and he’s got tons of them, published between 1910 and 1970.

Telephone ads through the decades
Those Old Phones
Payphones from all over…

via [MilkandCookies]

Japanese cedar bag

8/24/2005 |

monacca bag

I saw this really beautiful bag over at swissmiss. It can hold a 17″ Powerbook, but it will cost you $300. A unique and different product.

monacca bag via [swissmiss]

Nice prototypes from Specialized

8/7/2005 |

Venom Line

The bike manufacturer Specialized is working on a set of bike prototypes to be released in 2006. The original post was made in November’04, so some of the bikes might be available in the near future – but if you do a search for any of the models on the Specialized site, you don’t get any results.

Revolutionary Venom Line Being Developed by Specialized

The iDuck

8/7/2005 |


This is nothing but a white duck that comes in a iPod package. Recommended retail price is £6.99.

i-duck: iPod’s aquatic acquaintance []

Really cool DVD case

7/15/2005 |

Dotmov DVD This is one of the coolest DVD cases I have ever seen. It holds two discs and looks exactly (well, not exactly hehe) like a digital Beta tape. It costs 5250 yen – about $45 + shipping, so it’s quite pricey if you just want to get hold of the case…

Dotmov DVD

Logotype trends

7/6/2005 |

(c) Cato Purnell Partners, Infratil Ok, this is pretty far from what we write about normally – but I thought that these pages was quite interesting, and maybe you’ll like them too. It’s’s Third Annual Visual Trends Report – and it’s exactly what it says – trends within logo design. And hey, it’s originally published in April, so it’s not completely fresh! Btw, I like the fire logos! Hehe.’s Third Annual Visual Trends Report

Soda can jewelry

7/5/2005 |

Soda can bracelet A couple of weeks ago I wrote about wearing these electronics as jewelry. Today I found something similar – bracelets, rings and cuffs made out of silver and old soda / beer cans. How about a Dr.Pepper bracelet or a Lucky Lager cuff?

Soda can jewelry [Elsewares]

Cocktails with a Twist

7/3/2005 | Twist Fred Bould has designed this gorgeous cocktail shaker called Twist. It’s made out of thermal-retentive metal and can hold 500ml. Unfortunately there’s no pricing or availability information available. It’s really beautiful.

Nambe Twist Martini & Cocktail [Yanko Design]

Strange japanese inventions

7/1/2005 |

101 Unuseless Japanese Inventions There’s at least two books about chingdogu – the art of the unuseless idea, 101 Unuseless Japanese Inventions and 99 More Unuseless Japanese Inventions. These 19 scans are from the first-mentioned of these books – and some of the inventions shown are sooo strange!

Unuseless japanese inventions

At last – a stylish smoke detector

6/29/2005 |

Smoke detector by Jacob Jensen A lot of the most common home accessories have a really boring design. I have been looking for a smoke detector that doesn’t just look like an ugly white plastic box, and today I finally found this smoke detector from Jacob Jensen.

Smoke detector Jacob Jensen
via Jacob Jensen T-6, Luxury Wireless Home Phone [OhGizmo!]