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fosfor gadgets | October 18, 2018

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Art Director gone mad?

6/13/2005 |


Has the Art Director of this ‘Parent’ magazine gone bananas? Or did he/she just have a really bad day at the office? We will probably find out. Smells fake to me, but here it is anyway.

Update: Apparently it was a fake.

Koenigsegg – The World’s fastest car

6/5/2005 | 212

This is a Swedish blog, and we are of course proud of almost all Swedish products. Many of you may know that Volvo and SAAB both are Swedish brands from the beginning, but what many doesn’t know, is that the World’s fastest car actually is a Swedish one – the Koenigsegg. A supercar with 806 horsepowers that goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds, and has the current world speed record with 388 km/h. Continue reading “Koenigsegg – The World’s fastest car” »

Sony Qualia Q017 – Luxury MD Player

2/13/2005 |

Sony Qualia Q017Qualia is Sony’s collection of luxury items. All items contain have it’s own number, and number 17 is the Minidisc player. The form is absolutely seamless, marred by not a single weld, screw or hole, and the case is made from a block of sold brass. There’s only one real problem with the Qualia Q017 – the price. It will cost you around $2.400 USD, ouch.

Sony Qualia Q017-MD1 MD Player [Audiocubes]
Sony Qualia 017 [Google Image Search]
Qualia Q017 Specifications [Sony] PDF
Official Qualia page [Sony]

The Dreyfuss 500 Desk Phone

2/10/2005 |

Dreyfuss 500 Desk PhoneSeen one of these before? Well, you probably have. It’s a classic phone that first came out in the year 1949. The company Crosley have re-introduced a modern version on the market, available in three differnt colors; Black ,Ivory and brushed Chrome. It’s fully tone/pulse switch compatible, has a working rotary dial, as well as push buttons. Truly cool. It’s yours for $49.95 or $59.95 for the brushed chrome version.

Official Crosley Radio Page
Dreyfuss desk phone [Google Image Search]
Crosley brushed chrome retro desk phone [GadgetryBlog]

AU Design Project

2/9/2005 |

AU Design ProjectWhether this phone will hit the market or not, is still a question for me, but I really hope so. It got to be one of the nicest looking cellphones yet.
AU Design Project via [Mocoloco].