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fosfor gadgets | October 17, 2018

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Watch out while walking and texting

1/20/2011 | 6

Watch this video from a security cam in an American mall. It shows a girl busy messaging his friend and miss that there is a fountain coming up!

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Mobile with built-in fake calls!

1/20/2011 |

The Atari 2600 lamp

I’ve never heard of a cellphone with a built-in, out-of-the-box, fake call function – but apparently it’s available on a bunch of Samsung phones (including the Samsung Tocco). Pretty hilarious to have it factory made. Sure, there’s a bunch of Android and iPhone fake call apps but pretty far from built-in. They even suggest how to use it, haha:

“You can simulate an incoming call when you want to get out of meetings or unwanted conversations”

I found this image over at The daily what and it’s originally posted at Reddit by pineapplecharm.

Stormtrooper taking an AT-AT for a walk

1/18/2011 | 1

Stormtrooper taking an AT-AT for a walk

Hehe, check out this cool photo I just found over at Reddit. It features a Stormtrooper taking out a toy model AT-AT for a walk. Funny stuff.

Darth Vader Roast Coffee

1/18/2011 |

Darth Vader Roast Coffee

How about some Star Wars Coffee? It’s an officially licensed Star Wars product and only available through ThinkGeek:

Coffee blend is comprised of coffees from Africa and Indonesia. Even though these are not certified fair trade, they are specialty-grade coffees which means that droid farmers receive a higher price/pound, compared to exchange-grade coffees.

It’s not the cheapest coffee around though, it’s $9.99 for 12 Oz – and that’s the sale price – but it’s a cool gift!

Star Wars Vader’s Dark Side Roast Coffee []


2/28/2008 |

The Visorganizer

I just got to mention another of these fake gift boxes. (see previous post) The Visorganizer might just be even funnier than the whisk set.

Use your head and stay organized! The Visorganizer is a revolutionary carrying case for everything you need to make it through your busy day whether you’re a pro golfer, a retired ship builder, a club DJ, or a busy mom on the go. And it clips on the front of your favorite hat. Pack it with up to 7 lbs. If it has a visor, it needs a Visorganizer!

I love these fake gift boxes…

Gift Box: Visorganizer []

Fake gift box

2/28/2008 | 1

This got to be one of the best gift wraps ever. Over at The Onions store you can buy fake gift boxes and they have quite many of them. You can see one of my personal favorites above – hilarious!

New from Sal Romano’s Cook Goods kitchenware, this 28-piece professional whisk set is perfect for mixing, beating, folding, blending or stirring! World-renowned chef and owner of The Dolce Escargot, Sal has perfected the art of whisking. Now, he shares his passion with you. Includes 30 of Sal’s favorite recipes that use whisks and the DVD Cooking With Whisks—let Sal walk you through which end of the whisk to hold!

Gift Boxes (Set Of 4) []
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You want the blocks? Best ad in a while…

2/13/2008 |

 You want the blocks? Best CraigsList Ad Of All Time Ever.

Some guy cleaned his desktop from images and found this gem and posted it on Digg. It is a really funny ad from a dude wanting to get rid of some building blocks, but I guess he got tired of all the mails he got. Funny stuff!

8x8x16 Cement Block – $1 []
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Halloween costume 2.0

10/31/2007 |

Halloween costume 2.0

Kudos to this guy who has created a really cool Halloween costume without spending too many $. He’s going as a YouTube clip! Brilliant idea.

OMG! Awesome Party Guy Vid! []
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blah blah iPhone blah blah

9/7/2006 |

blah blah iPhone blah blah I couldn’t resist linking to this funny post about all the hysterical rumour posts about what will happen on September 12th. Carlo Longino’s post definitely made me smile.

blah blah iPhone blah blah blah[]
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In case of zombies…

8/19/2006 |

In case of zombies...break glass I guess this is some kind of marketing gimmick for the upcoming XBOX 360 game Dead rising, but anyway I think it was quite funny.

The Zombie Preparedness Kit []
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