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fosfor gadgets | November 18, 2018

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Fake Star Wars Auditions

6/16/2005 |

Fake Star Wars Auditions

This hilarious sketch is from Saturday Night Live, and features a fake ‘behind the scenes’ footage. It features Kevin Spacey playing Christopher Walken as Han Solo (dig that?), Walter Mattau as Obi Wan Kenobi. Darrell Hammond plays Richard Dreyfuss as C-3PO. Funny, funny, funny!

Fake Star Wars Auditions [Milk and Cookies]

Engels leren? I wanna fuc…

6/16/2005 |

Engels learning?

This is a true Internet classic – I got this clip over mail many, many years ago…anyway it’s still one of the better clips out there – If you haven’t seen it – check it out. Contains Not safe for work Audio

I wanna fuc… [Fosfor Video]

As Foretold by Nostradamus

6/15/2005 |

Futurama Tagline

Are you a fan of Futurama? If so, you’ll enjoy this photo set over at Flickr – it contains 70 or so different taglines used through the series.

One of them is ‘As foretold by Nostradamus

Futurama Taglines [Flickr]

Dancing is illegal – cool commercial

5/26/2005 |

Xelibri commercial

Hehe, I would have paid money to be in the same room as these guys when they pitched this idea for a commercial. It’s really, really strange – and extremely well produced. It’s a commercial for Xelibri – that’s so tomorrow.


The Darth Vader Pitch

5/26/2005 |

Darth Vader Pitch This is a cool commercial for Orange featuring Darth Vader pitching a movie idea. Bottom line is that you should turn off your mobile phone when going to the movies…

The Darth Vader Pitch [Screening Room]

Don’ t show your code!

5/23/2005 |

Don't show your code! It’s not good sharing your code for your credit cards, but hey, how far can you go? This couple seems to have quite a procedure when getting those bills.

Don’t show your code

Einstein the parrot

2/6/2005 |

Einstein the parrotHey, this parrot is really awesome. You won’t believe me if I told you everything he could do. Check him out – a true petstar!

Einstein the parrot [Fosfor video]