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fosfor gadgets | October 17, 2018

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LaserPod images

1/6/2005 |

All of you probably has seen links to the LaserPod – the modern version of the Lavalamp. Ployer has posted some nice pictures of what kind of scenery it produces.LaserPod

LaserPod produced Goodies []

Gates 2005 CES Keynote – Nothing really exciting…

1/6/2005 |

Gates 2005 CES Keynote was a bit of a disappointment for many. He did not show anything real exciting new stuff and focusing most on Media Center and the extender. SBC showed a IPTV demonstration that apparently was quite good.

Transcript from the keynote [engadget]

CES coverage

1/6/2005 |

Well, it’s way past bedtime here in Sweden, but if you want to read the latest from CES in Vegas, then check out engadget, they have great coverage of the event. You can also watch Microsoft’s keynote with Mr Gates himself live here. See you tomorrow.CES Logo

D-Link shows new hot digital media player at CES

1/5/2005 |

D-Link is showing a new interesting product at the CES-fair in Vegas. For starters, it’s the first product to support Microsoft Windows Connect Now, and it also has a built-in DVD-player and a Flash card reader. Older D-Link DMP

D-Link pressrelease

HP aims at the livingroom

1/5/2005 |

HP is about to introduce a bunch of new home-entertainment products, including television sets and projectors, and of course a media-hub. Seems like all big companies are eager to have their share of the digital living room explosion.

Playstation Portable launches in March

1/5/2005 |

According to a story at Reuters, Sony are planning to launch the new PSP in USA and Europe already in March. The new hand-held game console has been a huge hit in Japan, and already sold half a million units since the launch on Dec 12. Sony PSP

Sony Eyes March Launch of PSP in U.S. and Europe [Reuters]

Lots of joystick games

1/5/2005 |

Retro games coming built-in in joysticks are becoming quite popular. The e-store has gathered a bunch of them. Pretty cheap also. Space Invaders 5-in-1

Firebox: retro

21-inch OLED from Samsung

1/4/2005 |

Samsung reported that they have managed to produce a really impressive prototype screen based on the new OLED-technology. The screen measures 53,34 centimeter and has a impressive resolution of 1920×1200 pixels. Combine that with a 5000:1 contrast ration and you have a really cool HDTV. Samsung 21

Samsung’s 21-inch OLED TV is the world’s largest…for now [engadget]


1/1/2005 |

Hi all! One of my New year promises where to set up my Gadget blog. It has been ongoing for quite some time, but now it’s finally up and running. I’ll update the design when there’s some time for it. The coming days/weeks, I’m going to focus on getting the content flow up and hopefully some traffic.