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fosfor gadgets | October 17, 2018

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Hide icons in your OSX menu bar

9/3/2012 |

Bartender is a great little application that will let you hide all or some of your menu bar icons. I’ve only been using it for one day but really like it. You can download and try the beta for free over at

Marshall Hanwell Anniverary Edition

9/2/2012 |

The iconic amp manufacturer Marshall have announced their very first home audio product. You can use it as an active speaker for almost any gadget since it features a 3.5mm input, along with knobs for volume treble and bass. No word on availability or pricing yet but it will most certain be available this year. Full press release after the jump.

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mPrinter – cool USB thermal printer

9/2/2012 |

mPrinter is another interesting Kickstarter project and it’s basically a tiny USB printer (unfortunately it needs an AC adapter as well) – that can print stuff on standard thermal paper (you know, the kind of paper that is used in stores for receipts). The project is already funded so it’s most defintely a go and you have 10 days left to get one of your own. It’s $80 and the estimated deliver is February 2013.

mPrinter [kickstarter]

Get vinyl records to your iPad or iPhone easily

9/1/2012 |

The iLP is a clever turntable unit that features a dock connector which makes it possible to import your old (or new) vinyl records directly to an iPhone, iPad or iPod. They are a bit fuzzy about how it actually works but I guess you just install an app on your i-device, dock it and start importing. Itä’s compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPad 2 and iPod touch 4th Gen and you can use it directly with a computer as well.

iLP turntable []

Gamer soaps

9/1/2012 |

These soaps are of course intended as a gift but if you intend to actually use any of them, I’m pretty sure that they actually works as a soap as well. Choose from replica soap handcontrols modeled from Sega Mega Drive, SNES, NES, XBOX 360 and PS3.

Gamer soaps []

Bluetooth gloves

8/31/2012 |

Bluetooth gloves

Engadget found these cool bluetooth gloves that function as a headset – with a small speaker built into the thumb and a microphone in the pinky. They are called ‘Hi-Call’ and you can get them for €49 in October. Video after the jump.

Hi-Fun’s call-receiving Bluetooth gloves, hands-in [Engadget]

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Printrbot, a cheaper 3D printer

8/30/2012 | 2


The currently most popular 3D printer made for the home is the Makerbot. It’s becoming increasingly popular and as they manufacture larger volumes the price will most definitely go down in the future, but it’s still quite expensive with a price tag of $1749 plus shipping.

And that’s where the Printrbot fills a gap. It’s not as advanced as the Makerbot but it’s still a very capable 3D printer and it’s only $799. The project got funded on December 17 on Kickstarter and pledged a total of $830,828 pledged by 1808 backers. I wonder how long it will take before the big guys – Canon, Epson, Samsung or HP – put their first inexpensive 3D printer on the market? The demand is high. For sure.

Printrbot [Kickstarter] []

Sony 84″ 4K TV

8/29/2012 |

Sony XBR-84X900

Sony unveiled a groundbreaking TV today at the IFA 2012 in Berlin. They presented the XBR-84X900 which is one of the first TV models capable of showing 4K content (pixel resolution of 3840 x2160). No word on pricing yet but it will be a really expensive piece – and at this point you really can’t use all the pixels except for showing photos and making it act as a computer screen. And also keep in mind that placing a 84 inch beast in your livingroom can be a bit tricky, but if you can afford this TV you probably have plenty of space… At least it’s interesting to see that the 4K technology is making some progress!

Apple Store is closed!

10/4/2011 | 1

…and we all know why! Apple’s event starts in 20 minutes and you can follow it live on these sites:
gdgt Live
Ars Technica Live

Meet the Amazon Kindle Fire

9/28/2011 | 5

Amazon Kindle Fire

Meet the brand new Amazon Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire falls short in almost all technical aspects if you compare it head-to-head with other tablets on the market – but it’s got one big ‘feature’ – it’s cheap! For $199 you get a 7 inch tablet with decent speed, enough storage to handle quite some content and up to 8 hours of usage. This will sell like crazy. Full tech specs inside.

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