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fosfor gadgets | November 18, 2018

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Cool gaming stuff.

Play Super Mario in the browser

1/22/2011 | 1

A browser version of Super Mario and yes, it works…flash only though.

via [Watsonaitor]

Nintendo tissue holder

1/22/2011 |

Nintendo tissue holder

Here’s a nice pair of tissue holders made out of perler beads. Pretty cool and good looking but you can’t buy them so if you want one – start working on them perler beads. One more inside.

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Duke Nukem Forever Reveal Trailer

1/22/2011 |

The game Duke Nukem Forever has been in the making since 1997 but it has never been released. Now there’s finally a release date, May 3. Check out the new trailer for the game above.

The Atari 2600 lamp

1/19/2011 |

The Atari 2600 lamp

The Atari 2600, released back in 1977, is one of the most game consoles – and it’s a true classic. Some guy has spent quite a lot of time making a lamp out of an old dead 2600 and I think it’s quite cool.

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USB Classic Joystick

1/19/2011 | 4

USB Classic Joystick

Over at ThinkGeek you can get ahold of a classic Atari joystick with a modern USB connector. It works with console and arcade emulators including Stella, VICE and MAME and is compatible both with Mac and PC (no drivers needed). More info inside.

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Programming a game in 48 hours

8/25/2010 | 2

Here’s a pretty neat time lapse video from a game creator showing how he’s coding a game from scratch. It’s not Quake 4, but it’s still kind of cool seeing how the game evolves. Oh, anyone still coming to this URL?!

101 cool easter eggs

4/4/2008 |

Pinball game hidden inside Word 97

I am pretty sure you have seen a couple of easter eggs hidden inside software, games or a DVD. Here is a list of the 101 coolest easter eggs (at least if you should trust IT Security Editors) and it is quite fun to just browse through it.

101 coolest easter eggs []


3/11/2008 |


You got to be a true enthusiast if you spend more than a year to port your favorite game to a really old platform. Toni Westbrook has spent a lot of time developing Shredz64 – a guitar hero clone for the Commodore 64. Amazingly enough it’s very playable. Check out some videos after the jump.

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Luke Skywalker mimobot – unboxing

3/10/2008 |

Star Wars - Luke Skywalker mimobot® USB Flash Drive

Today I got an exciting package delivered by UPS from the US. It was a nice Star Wars – Luke Skywalker mimobot and of course you are invited to share the holy unboxing procedure.

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Xbox 360 price cut

3/9/2008 |

Xbox 360 price cut in Holland

It looks like Microsoft want to move some serious volumes of their XBOX 360. This is a snapshot from a dutch magazine that comes out tomorrow morning and it looks like the new retail price for the 360 in Europe will be €199 (around $300) instead of the old price of €280 (around $430).

Dutch retailer advertises Euro Xbox 360 price drop []