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fosfor gadgets | October 18, 2018

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Jays BlueStreamer 2

1/16/2008 |

Jays BlueStreamer 2

Hey, it looks like this will be an all-Swedish day! First MySQL and now we rush over to another Swedish company – Jays – who just announced their stereo music adapter based on Bluetooth which makes it possible to listen to tracks and still answer incoming calls via the headset. The unit is available now for $74 and comes in three different colors.

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Pay to upgrade your iPod

1/15/2008 |

iPod touch

Usually I think that Steve Jobs is brilliant but this move where you have to pay to get the latest software upgrade for your iPod touch is nothing but stupid. Seriously. I, and thousands and thousands of other iPod touch owners spent quite a lot of money to get an iPod touch 8GB or 16GB and now we have to pay an additional $20 to keep the software up to date.

Let’s say 200 000 iPod touch users choose to upgrade – that is 200 000 times $20 = $4 000 000. Don’t get too greedy Apple – you aren’t that good…

Rent movies through AppleTV

1/15/2008 |

Hyr film med AppleTV

A couple of days ago we wrote that it probably would be possible to rent movies in iTunes 7.6 and it turned out to be trued. Today Apple announced a new software upgrade (phew, to all of you who recently bought an AppleTV ;-) ) that will add the movie rental functionality even through AppleTV. In the end of February it will be possible to rent over 1000 movies and 100 of these will be available in high definition (720p, not 1080p).

New titles will cost $3.99 in standard definition and $4.99 in high definition. Older titles will be $2.99 / $3.99. Once you have decided to rent a movie it will instantly start downloading to your iTunes library (or AppleTV) and if you have a fast Internet connection you should be able to start watching instantly. You have to start watching witin 30 days and you must see the whole movie within 24 hours.

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iTunes 7.6

1/9/2008 |

iTunes 7.6 coming out next week

According to the trustworthy source we will see iTunes 7.6 coming out next week (probably right after Steve Jobs opening keynote of MacWorld Expo) and that it will have support for a new way of transferring DVD movies to iTunes. They have laid their hands on a Family Guy DVD that is intended for release on January 15 and the disc contains a file that requires iTunes 7.6

Fox DVDs To Include iTunes Compatible Digital Copies? []

Creative Xdock HD

1/8/2008 |

Creative Xdock HD

Today Creative announced an expensive iPod dock that will let you upconvert your iPod video to HD video and trasnfer it wirelessly up to 100 feet away. It’s also capable of transmitting audio from any source. The unit will be out in spring 2008 for $399.99. Full press info inside.

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Sony BMG drops DRM

1/4/2008 |

Sony BMG Plans to Drop DRM

According to an article over at Business Week the last major record label Sony BMG has finally woken up and decided to drop DRM (stupid copy protection thingy) in the 1st quarter of 2008. This is a truly great move by Sony BMG and will make everybody happier in the long run.

Sony BMG Plans to Drop DRM []

20 nice iPod applications

12/4/2007 |

Lifehackers has just published a nice list of the 20 best iPod utilities. I found at least one application that I haven’t heard of before, the MP3 to iPod Audio Book Converter which helps you convert an audio book to the specific iPod audiobook format (M4B) that features like playback speed adjustment. Check it out.

The 20 Best iPod Utilities []

iPod beats Zune in marathon

11/27/2007 |

Zune 80 vs iPod Classic 80

CNET has done a thorough review of Microsofts new media player Zune 80, and even though the player runs circles around the previous Zune regarding battery test results – 22 hours compared to 13 hours – it can’t beat the iPod Classic which can play 45 hours of continuous music. You can find the full review of the Zune 80 here (Excellent, 8.3 out of 10).

Zune 80 official battery test results []

TuneBuds – now in six colors

11/16/2007 |

TuneBuds - now in six colors

My favorite earphone in the budget segment is Griffin’s TuneBuds, the earphones are simply put very good value for your money ($19). I just got the information that they will roll out the TuneBuds in six new colors: red, light blue, light green, blue, silver, and pink. The TuneBuds are shipping now so they should be available in your local store within a week or two.

TuneBuds []

Pinnacle ShowCenter 250HD

11/13/2007 |

Pinnacle ShowCenter 250HD

The Pinnacle ShowCenter 250HD is a new cheap solution for those of you who has a lot of high definition on a computer that you want to view on another television in your house. The unit comes with built-in WiFi and supports a wide range of file formats including HD playback of Windows Media Video 9, DivX HD and MPEG-4 avi. The price will be $200 and the unit will be available in November. More images and info inside.

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