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fosfor gadgets | October 18, 2018

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Zune 80 beats iPod classic

11/13/2007 |

Zund 80GB

Gizmodo has summarized the first 6 reviews of the new 80GB Zune model, and it looks like it’s a clear pick (well, kind of anyway) versus the iPod classic. Competition is good for everyone so I’m happy that someone is standing up for a fight. I haven’t touched (hehe) my iPod 80GB since I got my iPod touch though…

First 6 Takes on Zune 80 (Verdict: Better Than iPod Classic?) [Gizmodo]

Waterproof headphones

11/7/2007 |

Euphonia from Bainultra

I would guess that these waterproof headphones called Euphonia from Bainultra are very expensive as they are accessories to expensive home spas but I like the concept. Euphonia consist of two unites – a wall-mounted mp3 player and waterproof headphones. There are no cables involved but that is basically everything we know about the set at this point. Euphonia will be available to order on December 1st.

Euphonia []
via []

Convert video to iPhone

10/31/2007 |

Convert video to iPhone

Want to know how to convert video to the iPod touch or the iPhone? Today Lifehacker presented a great guide to the Top 10 free video rippers, encoders, and converters out there. My personal favorites are Videora iPod touch converter for the PC and iSquint for the Mac.

Top 10 Free Video Rippers, Encoders, and Converters []

Third party apps to iPhone

10/18/2007 |

Third party apps to iPhone

Apple has once again listened to the community and decided to open up the iPod touch and the iPhone for third party applications. That’s the only way to go to avoid hacks and different jailbreak applications. Too bad we have to wait until February before we get the Software Development Kit. Great move anyway. You can find the press information we got from Apple inside.

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Nokia N810

10/17/2007 |

Nokia N810

It would have been a quite cool product if the Nokia N810 would be a phone, but it’s not. It’s an Internet tablet or perhaps pocket computer would be a better name for the device. It features WiFi, a 4.1″ touch screen and a slide-out keyboard. The estimated retail price will be $479 and it will be out in mid November. More photos and information inside.

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XtremeMac Tango Studio

10/17/2007 |

XtremeMac Tango Studio

I have two iPod audio speaker systems from XtremeMac and I must say that I like their products. Today they announced a new desktop audio system for iPod called the Tango Studio. The Tango studio features built-in FM radio, wireless remote and the the price is $79.95. Press release inside.

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New GUI in old iPods

10/15/2007 |

New gui in old iPods

A couple of hackers have spent some time converting the new graphical user interface that came with iPod nano third generation and the iPod classic, to work even with older iPod 5G and 5.5G. The only thing that doesn’t currently work is the cover flow functionality. You better know what you’re doing if you are about to install this unofficial firmware hack since some users have bricked their iPods while installing this.

5G iPods hacked to run updated interface [Engadget]

Creative Aurvana xfi

10/14/2007 |

Creative Aurvana xfi

I have had the opportunity to play around with the new Aurvana xfi noise-canceling headphones from Creative. The model is the first headphones that carries the patented Xtreme Fidelity sound-enhancement features. The noise-cancelling technique blocks background noise with up to 20dB and the Crystalizer function adds details and dynamic range to compressed digital audio files.

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Creative Zen – unboxing

10/14/2007 |

Creative Zen - unboxing

Today I got the new media player from Creative – the Creative Zen – and we took some compulsory photos during the holy unboxing procedure. Check them out.

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Zune vs. iPod – spec. comparision

10/3/2007 |

Zune vs. iPod

Here’s a side by side comparision of the Zune 80GB vs. the iPod 80GB and the iPod touch plus a comparision between the smaller Zune and the newest iPod nano. I think that the new Zune 80GB looks quite good on the paper – I would definitely consider the Zune if you are thinking about getting an iPod classic 80GB because of the bigger screen, radio and WiFi.

Zune vs. iPod specification smackdown []