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fosfor gadgets | November 18, 2018

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Star Wars stroller

6/20/2007 |

Star Wars stroller

This is one of the weirdest products I’ve seen in quite a while. It’s a Star Wars stroller based on the popular ATAT from The Empire strikes back. I guess you can’t buy it since it looks a bit home made, but it’s quite cool don’t you think?

Star Wars Stroller Gives Lucky Kid Galactic Treatment [Gizmodo]

Batman’s new suit

6/15/2007 |

Batman's new suit

Batman, the king of gadgets, will have a brand new suit in the upcoming movie The Dark Knight (Batman is still played by Christian Bale). But doesn’t it make him look like a robot?

The DARK KNIGHT has upgraded his duds! []
via [digg]

Top 10 worst James Bond gadgets

6/13/2007 |

The Spy Who Loved Me - Seiko Quartz Watch

My friends over at Productdose have published a great article featuring the Top 10 worst James Bond 007 gadgets ever. My personal favorites are the sofa from The Living Daylights and the Phone Booth Trap from Goldeneye. Funny stuff.

Worst 007 Gadgets [Productdose]

The Departed – first title over 100k

6/10/2007 |

The Departed has sold over 100 000 units

The Oscar winning title The Departed was the first high definition title that has sold over 100 000 units. (Note! units sold not shipped).

“It’s no accident that Warner is the first studio to reach this benchmark. We owe this success to a combination of great content and our decision to support both high definition formats… By releasing titles on HD DVD and Blu-ray, Warner Home Video not only increases our potential audience reach, but also offers consumers assurance that regardless of the format they choose they can enjoy our movies.”

Warner Says ‘Departed’ is Most Sold High-Def Title []
via [Gizmodo]

DreamWorks is feeded by Linux

6/6/2007 |

Shrek the third, rendered at DreamWorks linux farm

DreamWorks Animation probably has the world’s largest rendering farm for producing 3D animations. A typical movie like Shrek 3 consumed a total of 20 million CPU render hours, so even though they have more than 3000 server CPUs and 1000 desktops it takes quite a lot of time to render all the frames. Here’s an interesting article from Linux Journal about the DreamWorks Animation studio.

Linux Feeds an Ogre []
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The Vader Project

5/23/2007 |

The Vader Project

Star Wars is about to turn 30 and tomorrow a gallery exhibition called The Vader Project opens up inside Los Angeles Convention Center. The exhibition is a part of the Star Wars Celebration IV that takes place between May 24 to 28. If you go to the Vader exhibition you’ll get to see more than 50 unique Dart Vader helmets designed by both known and unknown artists. I dig the wooden version with the big earring above.

The Vader Project – Artists Go To The Dark Side []

Amazon unbox

3/16/2007 |

Amazon unbox

If you’re living in the US and have a TiVo you might be interested in this video service from Amazon called Amazon unbox. They are offering movie downloads from their site for $3.99 and for that amount you get 24 hours to watch the movie once you have pressed play.

The guys over at Gizmodo have tried it out and they aren’t too impressed of the video quality: “It’s pretty average-grade standard definition television, letterboxed but not taking up the full screen on our 1080p test equipment. We saw plenty of compression artifacts, and the focus seemed rather soft, but the colors were reasonably saturated and the result was a watchable movie with decent sound.”

Hands-On: Amazon Unbox On TiVo, Working Together for Movie Downloading Hijinks []

iTunes now has over 400 movies

2/12/2007 |

iTunes, now with Lionsgate

Apple today announced that they have added approximately 150 new movies from Lionsgate. The top titles are Terminator 2, LA Story, Basic Instinct, Blair With Project, Dirty Dancing and Rambo. The resolution is still 640 x 480 (pretty far from 1920 x 1080…) and most are priced at $9.99.

Continue reading “iTunes now has over 400 movies” »

Insane Superman box

11/29/2006 |

The Ultimate Superman Collection
If you liked the summer block buster Superman returns and you like Superman in general, you might be interested in this 14 disc (!) box containing all previous Superman movies and a huge amount of extra material like the Richard Donner cut of Superman II.

The Ultimate Superman Collection [Wikipedia]

Good start for iTunes movies

9/20/2006 |

The new iPod Even though they only have been selling movies for a week on iTunes, Walt Disney alone has sold 125 000 movies through iTunes. That’s a pretty good start and at the current pace it will bring $50 million in additional revenues to Disney. Hopefully we will be able to buy high definition movies through iTunes during 2007.

Disney Sells 125k iTunes Movies []