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fosfor gadgets | October 18, 2018

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Star Wars now and then

9/6/2006 |

Star Wars now and then

Here’s an interesting gallery that compares the 1980′s version of Star Wars V with the 2004 version. They must have spent some serious amount of hours during the restoration process. The difference is enormous in some scenes.

Star Wars Episode V: What has changed? []

DTS-HD Master audio on HD DVD

9/2/2006 |


DTS-HD Master audio is a sound channel that is bit-for-bit identical to the studio master. The good news here is that DTS-HD Master audio will be available on upcoming HD DVD and Blu-ray titles. Today DTS sent out a list of titles that will have the DTS-HD Master audio.

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Blu-ray versus HD DVD

8/5/2006 |

Blu-ray versus HD DVD

Here’s the most interesting Blu-ray/HD DVD article ever. High-def digest have had the opportunity to try out three movies that are available on both formats. Training Day, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Rumor has it.

If you don’t want to plow through 22 pages of reviews – the HD DVD disc were the winner in all three reviews.

Blu-ray versus HD DVD: First Head-to-Head Comparisons[]
via [Engadget]

First Blu-ray disc reviews

6/19/2006 |

Blu-ray, The fifth element, xXx, 50 first dates

I usually don’t plug for movie reviews, but these 3 are different. It’s the first Blu-ray disc reviews (that I’ve seen anyway).

The fifth element []
50 First Dates []
xXx []

The same site also features 25 or so HD-DVD reviews.

Fincher uses Final Cut Pro

4/27/2006 |

David Fincher and a colleague cutting his latest movie The well known director David Fincher, director of hit movies such as Se7en, The Game and Fight Club, is cutting his latest movie Zodiac using the Apple software Final Cut Pro. I think it’s very interesting to see the gap between pro and amateur equipment get smaller and smaller for every year.

David Fincher explains how Final Cut Studio… []
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DVD / HD DVD hybrid

4/26/2006 |

Rumour has it... According to this post over at eHomeUpgrade, Warner will launch the first combined DVD and HD DVD disc on May 9th. The movie will be Rumour has it…, and on one side of the disk you will have the an ordinare DVD version, but if you flip it you will get the high definition HD DVD version. The retail price will be $39.99.

Hybrid DVD to Contain Both HD DVD and Standard DVD Formats [eHomeUpgrade]
via [engadget]

Red One – a digital video beast

4/25/2006 |

RED camera system The Red One ain’t your ordinary camcorder. It’s a $17 500 beast that deliver 11.4Mpixel video at a rate of 60 frames per second – way above high definition which means that this can be a ‘cheap’ replacement for formats such as Super 35 mm.

I think that the designer has seen too many science fiction movies though – does it have to look like a prop from Matrix?

RED camera system []

iPod video on Blu-ray discs?

4/25/2006 |

iPod Video According to iPodhub, Apple is negotiating with a couple of movie studios to make them distribute an iPod version together with the high definition version on the coming Blu-ray discs. If it’s true, it’s an interesting move from Apple and it will be very interesting to see how they will solve the pirate issues.

Apple wants Blu-ray discs to include iPod content []
via [digg]

The last Samurai on HD-DVD

4/18/2006 |

The Last Samurai HD-DVD Here’s a review of ‘The Last Samurai‘. Eeeehh…ok? You wonder why I’m bothering you with this? Well, it’s the first review of a high definition discs I’ve seen so far.

Finally, comparing the HD-DVD versus standard DVD, the victor was clear. HD-DVD is simply sharper, clearer, more vibrant and more real. I was also a bit surprised that the HD-DVD of ‘Samurai’ sported stronger colors and better blacks than the standard DVD version,

The Last Samurai HD-DVD review []
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2/28/2006 |

Fellowship of the ring Check out this cool site where they have published 12 different shots from Fellowship of the ring in both HD quality (1920×1080) and DVD quality. All shots features a mouseover switch between the two different images. The difference is bigger than I expected…

Fellowship of the Ring – HD vs DVD []
via [Me, my coke & I] – Thanks A.H.