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fosfor gadgets | October 18, 2018

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4/29/2008 | 73

I bought the domain earlier this year and it is kind of stupid not making it come to some real use, so therefore I am switching to the new domain today. Hopefully the switch will be seamless (according to Feedburner you can use the same RSS as before) – but if you experience any trouble with the new feed, please let me know!

So get out of here, and go to instead.

World’s biggest ad space?

4/1/2008 |

The Biggest Ad Space in Russia

Here is the biggest ad space in Russia, but I think that it actually can be one of the biggest in the whole world. The cars you see in the background are full size cars, complete with lighting in the night. The advertiser is BMW and it is a promotion campaign for their new BMW M5. The ad is more than 6000 square meters big and it is located in Moscow.

The Biggest Ad Space in Russia []

Easter holiday

3/25/2008 |

Hi guys, thank you for hanging around – the easter holiday is now officially over.

You want the blocks? Best ad in a while…

2/13/2008 |

 You want the blocks? Best CraigsList Ad Of All Time Ever.

Some guy cleaned his desktop from images and found this gem and posted it on Digg. It is a really funny ad from a dude wanting to get rid of some building blocks, but I guess he got tired of all the mails he got. Funny stuff!

8x8x16 Cement Block – $1 []
via [digg]

Top 40 Photoshopped images

2/12/2008 |

Here is a nice list of Photoshopped images. My personal favorites are those that mess with your mind, like the one above. Check them out.

Our Top 40 Photoshopped Images []
via [digg]

1 million spam caught

2/7/2008 |

1 005 853 total spam caught

Tonight my favorite WordPress plugin, Spam Karma, passed the 1 million mark. 1 005 853 spam caught as of today. Thank you guys, your plugin is the best!

Spam Karma 2.3 []

$205 million in cash

1/4/2008 |

$205 million in cash

In case you’re wondering this is how $205 million in cash looks like. The photo is authentic and comes from a drug bust in Mexico.

Drug Cartel Mountain of Cash: Holy Scrooge McDuck! []

Thanks Monty

Bloggers Cribs

10/17/2007 |

Bloggers Cribs: Mikael Svardh

My friend Everton over at Connected Internet has posted an interview with me in his nice series of blog posts called Bloggers cribs. Check it out, and thanks for the interview Everton!

Bloggers Cribs: Mikael Svardh!! []

Fosfor in Swedish

9/11/2007 |

Fosfor på Svenska

You can’t probably understand a single word of Swedish (well perhaps ‘smorgasbord’, right?) – but if you talk like the chef in the Muppet show you might want to check out – the Swedish version of Fosfor Gadgets.

We’re soon back

7/28/2007 |

I just wanted you to know that we will enter business mode again on Monday (July 30th). See you soon!