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fosfor gadgets | October 17, 2018

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Vacation mode

7/18/2007 |

During a short period of time I’ll enter vacation mode – as you probably already have noticed since the amount of posts have been reduced to a minimium the last week – and that basically means that I’ll be working less and relaxing more. But stay tight, I’ll try to do a few posts almost every day anyway. Thanks for coming around!

Independence day

7/4/2007 |

Beastie Boys on Gröna Lund

I don’t celebrate 4th of July but since I have a lot of American visitors I guess it’s appropriate to say Happy independece day to you all! We had the New York band Beastie Boys in town so we went and saw them (Review: 3 fosfors out of 5). I hope you’ll have a great day!

Sorry for the database problems…

6/18/2007 |

…today. I have now moved into a new, fresh database.

Back in business

5/21/2007 |

Hi guys, there has been a public holiday a couple of days here in Sweden, and I’ve been having a couple of nice days off line so that’s why there hasn’t been any updates in a couple of days. Thank you hanging around.

Feed celebration!

5/10/2007 |

Fosfor Gadgets feedburner statistics

Yesterday it was the first time ever that over 5000 people accessed the feed of Fosfor Gadgets through Feedburner! A year ago I had around 1500 readers, so the growth has been very good. Thank you all for reading, I’m very happy about it!

I have quit my day job

4/28/2007 |

I have had a steady day job working with different major Nordic Internet sites for the last 10 years, but yesterday I finally took the big step and quitted my day job to start working with my own projects full time. I recently founded my own company called TailSweep (a blog advertising network with a pretty cool tech solution (the Nokia ad below comes from the system)) which will take up most of my time as soon as my period of notice is over. I’m extremely happy about it and just wanted to let you guys know about it.

Fosfor Gadgets – a Top 50 blog?

4/23/2007 |

Fosfor Gadgets - a Top 50 blog?

I’m not sure how accurate this list is, but I was very happy to find Fosfor Gadgets within the Top 50 of blogs that have the most feed subscribers (4449 as of today). Thank you all for reading!

Which blogs have the most feed subscribers []

Thanks for the tip Matt!

Back in business

4/23/2007 |

Hi guys, after 7 nice days in San Francisco I’m back in Sweden and the business is now back to normal. Thank you for waiting.

Attending Web 2.0 in San Francisco

4/13/2007 |

Desert Valley

Hi guys, I’m currently on my way to San Francisco to attend the Web 2.0 Expo together with Fredrik from We’re going to stay for a week so there might be some hiccups regarding updates this week.

Merry Christmas!

12/24/2006 |

Fosfor Gadgets wish you a Merry Christmas!

Fosfor Gadgets wish you a Merry Christmas! We will take a short christmas break, but we will soon be back so stay tuned! The easiest way of making sure you don’t miss anything, is to subscribe to our feed – it’s easy and you can even get all our posts right in your inbox. Make sure you have a really nice holiday!

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