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fosfor gadgets | November 18, 2018

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Your own piece of paper

9/1/2005 |


This site lets you print a piece of paper, but not just an ordinary piece of paper – it can be your free disposable personal organizer. Even if I might never use this site, I liked the idea and all effort someone has made to create this neat little flash application.

The PocketMod via []

Out of ideas?

9/1/2005 |

I bet you can have some use for this really great site by Martin Leith. It’s a website that list lots of different idea generation methods – and contain lots of useful tips and ideas regarding different techniques for brainstorming new ideas.

The definitive collection of idea generation methods

Making of the Carlton Big Ad

8/31/2005 |

Big ad

Do you remember the post about the Big ad for Carlton Draught? Anyway, it’s a really cool spot for the beer Carlton. I ran into this short behind the scenes, written by the visual effects firm Animal Logic.

My god it’s big

Blogs covering hurricane Katrina

8/29/2005 |

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina is currently pounding the U.S. Gulf Coast. Some bloggers in the area are online and posting first hand information.

The Daily Anvil
Kaye’s Hurricane Katrina Blog
Flickr Group: Hurricane Katrina
Google Map Plot of Katrina
Hurricane Katrina [Tecnhnorati]

Finding warez with Google

8/9/2005 |

Google Warez

With the help of Google Chine it’s easy to find pirated software, as the chinese version of Google apparently do crawl and index lots of asian warez sites. I guess Google will do something about it in the near future. Note: This post does not encourage you to download unlicensed software.

Finding warez using Google [The days start here]

Be careful out there…

8/8/2005 | 1

250-kmh-crash-pictures These pictures are from a recent traffic accident in Sweden, where a Honda motorcycle hit a slow driving Volkswagen Golf in an intersection at an estimated speed of 250 kilometers / hour (155mph). Accidents like this should never happen!

250 KM/h Crash Pictures []

60th anniversary of A-bomb

8/6/2005 |

Hiroshima 60 years ago the horrific atomic bomb was dropped at Hiroshima, killing 120 000 people outright together with the bomb dropped at Nagasaki three days later. Manifestations to honour the victims has been held all over the world today. Peace.

Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki [Wikipedia]
Doves, silence for A-bomb victims []

London Blasts

7/7/2005 |

London Tragic. Here’s the three most informative news sources regarding the terror attack in London:

7 July 2005 London Bombings [Wikipedia]
London attacks [BBC - subsite]
London Bomb [Google News]

This will be the only update on this tragic day.

Go retro – buy a cave house

6/22/2005 |

Cave House Hey, do you have 109,000 Euros to spare? How about going totally retro and buy a cave house in Granada Province, Spain? It looks like it’s coming straight from a Flintstone movie…Check out the mosaic bath – nice, ey?

Cave House for sale
Cave House Gallery

via [Milk and Cookies]