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fosfor gadgets | May 26, 2018

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Everything that fits under the world of digital imaging, both still and video.

Faces photoset

8/23/2005 |


This photoset over at flickr from JIMWICh contains some really odd photos. All of them are photos of different objects, but all of them also resembles faces in some way.

Faces photoset [Flickr]

Single white female, got to love farming

8/18/2005 |

A 41-year-old divorced father of two living in Canandaigua, just outside New York City – who also is a farmer, has done a really cool ad for himself in his cornfield.

Farmer Writes Personal Ad in Cornfield

Pimped out Ford Excursion

8/9/2005 |

Ford CEO's Excursion

The CEO of Ford, William Clay Ford Jr, has got a pimp edition of the Ford Excursion – it seems to have every gadget on the market crammed in there…I wonder how much this one should cost if it was available on the market…

Ford CEO’s Excursion []

Adobe Factory Tour

8/8/2005 |

Adobe Main Entry

The guys over at has visited the Photoshop engineers in San Jose, CA. If you are a Photoshop junkie like myself, you will probably enjoy this article. It’s really great, and has tons of photos.

A visit to Adobe

You won’t believe your eyes…

8/8/2005 |

Optical Illusions

Would you believe me if I said that the colour of square A and square B has the exact same colour? Probably not – and I didn’t believe it either. Or perhaps you can’t see the characters A and B in this tiny picture. Check out this, and two other amazing optical illusions at this site.

eChalk colour perception
via []

Be careful out there…

8/8/2005 | 1

250-kmh-crash-pictures These pictures are from a recent traffic accident in Sweden, where a Honda motorcycle hit a slow driving Volkswagen Golf in an intersection at an estimated speed of 250 kilometers / hour (155mph). Accidents like this should never happen!

250 KM/h Crash Pictures []

Why women live longer

8/8/2005 |

Why women live longer Ok, this is a classic set of photos, that has been around for some years now – but they are really, really funny. The theme is Why women live longer than men. If you haven’t seen them before, go check them out. Now. Hehe.

Why women live longer

Honey, meet me at the beach!

8/8/2005 |

Crowded beach This beach is crowded like crazy!

– Meet me at the beach, I’m under an umbrella near the water.

Yeah, right…

Most crowded beach

Coolest self portrait ever

8/7/2005 |

Steve Robinson Self Portrait A couple of days ago (August 3), astronaut Steve Robinson performed the historical repair job underneath Discovery. During that session, he turned the camera on himself and took the coolest self portait ever. Check it out.

Coolest self portrait ever

Flickr interestingness

8/6/2005 |

Flickr Explore Flickr has launched a really cool section called ‘Flickr Explore’. It contains various tools and links for finding photos that you might find interesting and cool – or to put it simple: the most awesome photos on Flickr.

Flickr Explore