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fosfor gadgets | November 18, 2018

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Mickey Mouse audio player

6/26/2007 |

iRiver Mp3 Mickey Mouse audio player

iRiver has unveiled a new digital audio player that looks just like the head of Mickey Mouse. It’s an official Disney product and features 1GB of RAM and comes in 5 different colors. The price over in Korea (only place you can get it at this point) is $60.

iRiver’s MPLAYER is now available!!! []

Samsung YP-U3 DAP

6/18/2007 |

Samsung YP-U3 DAP

Samsung YP-U3 DAP is a new portable music player from Samsung. It’s a really small player that comes with either 1, 2 or 4GB of storage. The 4GB model is about $150 and all of them are available in 5 colors: blue, pink, green, white and black.

Samsung YP-U3 DAP is No Longer Just a Rumor: 1, 2, or 4GB Storage, OLED Display []

Super mini sound box

5/29/2007 |

Super Mini Sound Box

This small mini speaker is supposed to be able to fill an entire room with sound – I’m not sure about that it’s capable of doing that, but it sure looks quite cool. The speaker runs on lithium batteries and you charge it via a standard USB port. The price is $30.

Super Mini Sound Box []
via [Gizmodo]

iPod 120GB is coming?

4/25/2007 |

Black iPod 5th generation

It looks like Apple will be able to put out both a iPod 100GB and a iPod 120GB version in the near future – if they want. The drives are certainly available so it’s just a matter of product development. It would be really nice if we could get a widescreen iPod (รก la iPhone) featuring at least a 100 GB disk pretty soon…

Samsung announces 1.8-inch 120GB disk for UMPCs and perhaps, iPods [Engadget]

Sony E Series Walkman DAP

4/11/2007 | 1

Sony E Series Walkman DAP

Crunchgear’s description of the new Sony E series Walkman DAP is spot on: Like USB Drives That Play Music – it’s exactly what the new player from Sony is all about. They come in three versions, 1GB, 2GB and 4GB of storage – all of them available in black, pink and blue.

Sony E Series Walkman DAPs: Like USB Drives That Play Music []

iTrip nano

3/26/2007 |

iTrip nano

Griffin Technology have just unveiled their new iTrip nano, upgraded to fit perfectly to a 2nd generation iPod nano. It uses the iPod nano’s own screen to display and change the tuning information. The price is $49.99.

iTrip nano []

Pink Zune coming soon

3/22/2007 |

Microsoft Zune - pink version

EB Games has just unveiled a brand new color choice for the Microsoft’s portable media player Zune. In addition to the black, white and brown version you can as of May 1st get yourself a pink Zune player.

Zune product page at EB Games []

SendStation PocketDock AV

3/18/2007 |


The SendStation PocketDock AV might be a good way of solving any iPod connectivity problems you might have. Once you have plugged in the iPod dock connector on your iPod you get access to connectors such as S-Video and standard stereo DIN plugs. The set is compatible with any iPod featuring an iPod dock and the price is $36.95.

SendStation PocketDock AV []
via [OhGizmo!]

Music through your skull

3/15/2007 |

Vonia headband BCT by Thanko

Thanko has unveiled a cool headband that sends vibrations into your skull which makes it transmit audio directly to your auditory nerve. The technology is called BCT – Bones Conduction Technology and the headband is called Vonia. I would really like to try how effective this technique is – if you have any experience of BCT, please comment.

VONIA, the Sports Headband BCT by Thanko []
via [Prylfeber]

Samsung YP-K3 – review

2/22/2007 |

Samsung YP-K3

The Samsung YP-K3 is a music player that actually is a heavy contestant to the iPod nano in the title match for being the slickest and coolest music player out there. It’s the little brother to the Samsung YP-K5m, and the most notable difference is the lack of built-in speakers. CNet Asia have just published a review of the player.

Samsung YP-K3 review []