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fosfor gadgets | October 17, 2018

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Nokia N77 – mobile TV

2/12/2007 | 4

Nokia N77

3GSM World Congress 2007 – the biggest mobile phone happening of the year – has just started in Barcelona, Spain. Almost all big mobile phone manufactureres have announced at least a couple of interesting news today and we’ll start by reporting about Nokias latest announcement – The Nokia N77 with built-in TV (based on DVB-H technology).

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iPod Shuffle color – review

2/5/2007 |

iPod Shuffle orange

Well, this review of the iPod Shuffle 2nd generation doesn’t add anything really new – the player is the same except for the colors. But this review had a couple of really cool photos of the player so I think it’s worth a little link.

Review: iPod shuffle 1GB (second-generation, colored shell) []

iPod Shuffle in new colors

1/30/2007 |

Pink iPod Shuffle

Apple Store was shut down for a while today, and everybody was quite excited about it – but the news was kind of disappointing. iPod Shuffle is now available in 5 different colors. But why didn’t they unveil a black one! I want a black one – with radio!

iPod Shuffle []

Zune – result of 3 month test

1/25/2007 | 1

Apple iPod vs Microsoft Zune

Jason Chen over at Gizmodo has spent ambitious 3 months with a Microsoft Zune player to get a real long term evaluation on how the player stacks up compared to the iPod:

If you want movies, TV, a larger music library, a touch sensitive scroll wheel and more accessories, you should still go with the iPod. If you want an FM tuner, music rentals, and a larger screen, there’s the Zune.

Zune: How We’ve Lived With It For Three Months []


1/9/2007 |

Apple iPhone

Yes, it’s finally here…we’ll post some official photos as soon as we get them but we can already tell you that it runs OS X, is 11.6 millimeters thick, features a 3.5-inch touchscreen display, 2 megapixel cam, 8 GB of storage, Bluetooth with EDR, WiFi with automatic activation, quadband GSM radio with EDGE, 5 hours of battery life when using the phone or watching video, 16 hours of battery life in music mode. Shipping will start in June for the US, 4:th quarter for Europe and Asia have to wait until 2008. Price is $499 for the 4GB version, or $599 for the 8GB version…if you’re willing to go for the Cingular exclusive that is.

iPhone []

Journi from Griffin

1/7/2007 |

Griffin Technology Journi

In addition to the Amplifi below, Griffin Technology has also announced a new portable battery powered sound system for the Apple iPods. The system is called ‘Journi’ and features rechargeable batteries that run 8-10 hours on a single charge.

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Jays Bluestreamer

12/22/2006 |

Jays bluestreamer
Swedish company Jays (former Jens of Sweden) has unveiled a new product called Bluestreamer. It’s a small bluetooth stereo adapter that can stop your music and let you answer incoming calls from Skype or your cellphone. It’s quite an interesting product I would say!

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12/19/2006 |

Extreme sports wear company Marmot has launched a new glove called iGlove. The glove is supposed to be click-wheel compatible which basically means that you don’t have to take it off to use your iPod. The glove is $35 and is currently only available in black.

iGlove from Marmot []

100GB iPod in the works

12/5/2006 |

Toshiba 100GB drive
Today Toshiba announced a new 1.8 inch 100GB drive today, which means that we will see a new iPod with a maximum storage of 100GB instead of 80GB version in the near future (well, it will probably take a couple of months). Will the new iPod versions come in a 100GB and a 40GB version?

Toshiba Announces 100GB 1.8-inch drive; 100GB iPod on the Way? [Gizmodo]

Samsung Ultra Messaging i600

12/4/2006 | 1

Samsung Ultra Messaging i600
The third phone from Samsung today is the Samsung Ultra Messaging i600, a 3G phone with a QWERTY keypad (well, kind of anyway). It’s the first smartphone for the new HSDPA network which enables way higher transfer speeds than the current 3G network. Here’s some quick facts: 1.3 megapixel cam, WLAN, 64MB RAM, Windows Mobile 5.0. More inside.

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