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fosfor gadgets | October 17, 2018

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Cool software.

Strange OSX TextEdit bug

2/2/2013 | 1

If you have OSX try starting ‘TextEdit’ and then start typing:


On the third ‘/’ your app will crash.

Update: This seems to be a bug in a lot of OSX applications – just try entering ‘File:///’ in the url location in your browser (the capital F is important) – my browser, Chrome, will crash instantly. Crazy bug.

Coloring book app for iPhone

1/13/2011 | 1

Coloring book app for iPhone

Kids love playing around with the iPhone / iPad and more and more apps and games aimed for kids are hitting the market every day. Here’s an example, a coloring book app which is currently on an introduction sale for $0.99.

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Nice Mac Web dev bundle

12/31/2010 | 2

If you’re looking for a nice web development toolkit bundle you should check out this nice pack of six nice tools – 85% off until tomorrow. Full press release after the jump.
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Vista running 108 apps

4/9/2008 |

Vista running 108 apps

There was a photo at Flickr circulating during the weekend of a MacBook Pro running 150 different applications at the same time, and now a guy has posted a video of his Vista machine running 108 applications at the same time. Looks like it’s running pretty smooth actually. Video after the jump.

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101 cool easter eggs

4/4/2008 |

Pinball game hidden inside Word 97

I am pretty sure you have seen a couple of easter eggs hidden inside software, games or a DVD. Here is a list of the 101 coolest easter eggs (at least if you should trust IT Security Editors) and it is quite fun to just browse through it.

101 coolest easter eggs []

Firefox 3 Beta 5 – review

4/2/2008 | 1

Firefox 3, soon to be launched

Today the Firefox crew released the final beta (next release will be the first release candidate) of the upcoming Firefox 3 browser and Percy Cabello over at Mozilla Links has put together a nice 4 page review of the latest release. The Beta 5 contains over 750 (!) fixes since the last version and it looks promising:

What is left? From a user perspective I would say almost nothing besides some retouches here and there to the user interface. Behind the scenes, however, work never ends: performance improvements, web standards compliance and edge cases are still being ironed.

Firefox 3 Beta 5 is here, and reviewed []

And finally here is the download of Firefox 3, beta 5.

Adobe Photoshop Express

3/27/2008 |

Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is an exciting new web based product from Adobe. It is a flash based, light version of the popular (to say the least) image editing software Photoshop. It works pretty good and it is totally free. Don’t expect to find the same advanced functions as in the full-scale versions but it works better than I initially thought it would. Not too bad at all!

Adobe Photoshop Express []

Safari 3.1 – looking good

3/25/2008 |

Safari 3.1

One of my last posts before the Easter holiday was about the new Safari 3.1 version for Windows. Our friends over at Ars Technica played around with the new 3.1 version and it looks like they really like it…!

We’ll be paying much more attention to Safari now that it’s clear that Apple is serious about making this a quality download for Windows, however. It’s now a real contender, which it wasn’t previously.

Safari 3.1 on Windows: a true competitor arrives (seriously) []

Safari 3.1

3/18/2008 |

Safari 3.1

As I just did a post about Firefox 3 I think it is fair to mention that Apple launched a new version of Safari today – version 3.1. The last version I tried was very buggy, so I uninstalled after a couple of days but this might be better. Anyone tried it yet?

“Safari 3.1 for Mac and Windows is blazingly fast, easy to use and features an elegant user interface,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “And best of all, Safari supports the latest audio, video and animation standards for an industry-leading Web 2.0 experience.” []

Firefox 3 – first look

3/18/2008 |

Firefox 3 beta

If you haven’t tried the beta of Firefox 3 already and want to know a bit more, here is a great slideshow going through the main improvements since Firefox 2. The thing I love the most is that it is really easy with using up memory and that it’s a turbo fast browser.

First look at Firefox beta []