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fosfor gadgets | October 17, 2018

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Cool software.

Easy 4 channel recording

1/21/2008 |

USB EasyCap 4 Channel DVR

Here is a neat solution if you need to capture several different video sources at the same time. This USB device lets you hook up to 4 different video channels and features recording of up to 25 fps under PAL format and 30 fps under NTSC format. The software use MPEG4 video as video decoder and the quality can be set in 5 different levels and you can even choose frame rate from 1 to 30 fps for each channel. The price is $38. More photos and a screenshot of the software inside.

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Sun acquires MySQL for $1 billion

1/16/2008 |

Sun acquires MySQL for $1 billion

I must say that I was a bit surprised when I heard the news that Sun had acquired the Swedish company MySQL for $1 billion, but it’s probably a good move! The company was founded by three Swedish students in the mid 1990:s: Allan Larsson, David Axmark and Michael Wedenius. Here’s what MySQL say about the deal:

I’d like to think that the acquisition of MySQL by Sun will be seen as good news also by the core group of users who form the active MySQL community. This is because Sun is a safe haven for MySQL. Sun knows Open Source, and to the extent things change, I expect Sun to add value to our community

Sun acquires MySQL []

Pay to upgrade your iPod

1/15/2008 |

iPod touch

Usually I think that Steve Jobs is brilliant but this move where you have to pay to get the latest software upgrade for your iPod touch is nothing but stupid. Seriously. I, and thousands and thousands of other iPod touch owners spent quite a lot of money to get an iPod touch 8GB or 16GB and now we have to pay an additional $20 to keep the software up to date.

Let’s say 200 000 iPod touch users choose to upgrade – that is 200 000 times $20 = $4 000 000. Don’t get too greedy Apple – you aren’t that good…

Rent movies through AppleTV

1/15/2008 |

Hyr film med AppleTV

A couple of days ago we wrote that it probably would be possible to rent movies in iTunes 7.6 and it turned out to be trued. Today Apple announced a new software upgrade (phew, to all of you who recently bought an AppleTV ;-) ) that will add the movie rental functionality even through AppleTV. In the end of February it will be possible to rent over 1000 movies and 100 of these will be available in high definition (720p, not 1080p).

New titles will cost $3.99 in standard definition and $4.99 in high definition. Older titles will be $2.99 / $3.99. Once you have decided to rent a movie it will instantly start downloading to your iTunes library (or AppleTV) and if you have a fast Internet connection you should be able to start watching instantly. You have to start watching witin 30 days and you must see the whole movie within 24 hours.

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Movie rentals in iTunes 7.6

1/10/2008 |

iTunes with movie rentals

Yesterday we told you that iTunes 7.6 will be able to transfer a new video format from certain DVDs to iPods and today we got some additional news about the iTunes 7.6. It looks like Warner, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Walt Disney and Lions Gate will be content providers for a new iTunes movie rental service which will let you rent new releases and older titles for $3.99.

Warner Bros said to have signed on for iTunes movie rentals []

Bill Gates last CES keynote on Sunday

1/4/2008 |

Bill Gates from CES 2006

On 6:30 p.m. Sunday January 6 2008 in USA, Las Vegas, The Venetian, Palazzo Ballroom, Bill Gates will do his last CES keynote. Brier Dudley over at Seattle Times has written an interesting piece of what we can expect to see during his keynote. I’m hoping for something fresh, cool and revolutionary and not just a walk-through of the Vista Service Pack. I hope we will get some a major Xbox announcement and a new improved demo of the Microsoft Surface technology.

Visions of Gates’ keynote swan song []

Windows XP SP3

12/20/2007 |

Windows XP SP3

The official launch of the last major upgrade for the 6 year old operative system Windows XP just got available to anyone who wants it at Microsoft. It’s not the final version but the Release Candidate 1 which should be pretty close to the final version (only bug fixes shall differ).

Microsoft Download Center [Microsoft]
via [PC World]

Best freeware of 2007

12/18/2007 |


I’m a big fan of freeware and often enjoy nice compiled lists of great freeware. Lifehacker just published a great list called ‘2007 Guide to Free Software and Webapps‘ and I found at least a couple of new programs (SyncToy 2.0 and AutoHotkey). The list is divided into 20 categories so it’s easy to go through.

Lifehacker’s 2007 Guide to Free Software and Webapps []

Vista SP1 RC1 available

12/12/2007 |

Windows Vista Service Pack 1

I just got the news that Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is available for public download. It’s not the final version but it’s at least the first release candidate and it should be extremely close to the real thing. It’s a big download – 32-bit version is between 440 and 550 MB, and the 64-bit version is between 730 and 880 MB – and you might need to uninstall it completely when the Vista SP1 Final is ready. If you download it and try it out, please drop a comment.

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 RC Public Availability Program []

Edit your photos on Flickr

12/5/2007 |

Edit your photos on Flickr

I just tried the new editing functionality over at and it works much better than I expected. The new functionality comes from the small company Picnik and it’s almost like having a Photoshop light in your browser. Nice!

Edit your photos! On Flickr! []