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fosfor gadgets | October 17, 2018

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Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism – unboxing

4/28/2008 | 2

Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism

Today I got one of the latest phones from Nokia in the mail and I just wanted to share the unboxing experience with you guys. The 7900 Crystal Prism is designed by the French artist Frédérique Daubal and I am not sure why I got one since it is a fashion phone for women, but anyway here is the gallery.

Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism – unboxing []

Luke Skywalker mimobot – unboxing

3/10/2008 |

Star Wars - Luke Skywalker mimobot® USB Flash Drive

Today I got an exciting package delivered by UPS from the US. It was a nice Star Wars – Luke Skywalker mimobot and of course you are invited to share the holy unboxing procedure.

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Optimus Maximus unboxing

2/23/2008 |

Optimus Maximus unboxing

I will skip the background of the Optimus Maximus but if you are interested in the whole story, feel free to browse through my 20 or so postings about the keyboard. Engadget scored one and published an unboxing gallery and an installation video.

Optimus Maximus unboxing [Engadget]

Apple IIc – unboxing

2/4/2008 |

Apple IIc - unboxing

For those of you who doesn’t remember the Apple IIc I will let you know that it is the fourth model in the Apple II series and it was introduced in 1984. You can find them on eBay but this Apple IIc is a very special one because it has never ever been opened – until a couple of days ago! Check out the unboxing gallery. Neat!

Apple IIc – unboxing gallery []
via [digg]

MacBook Air – unboxing

1/22/2008 |

MacBook Air inside a Manila envelope

This is not a true unboxing gallery, but since it is the best I have seen so far and two of the photos actually are unboxing shots I want to share it. As said earlier the package is very small and the notebook is even smaller, just check out the side by side shots of the MacBook Air next to a small Sony Vaio…

MacBook Air – unboxing [Gizmodo]

Seinfeld box – unboxing

1/1/2008 |

The Seinfeld box

I hope you have had a great Christmas and New Years Eve! I’ll start this year with an unboxing of the Seinfeld Complete Series box. I know that it’s a bit off-topic but since I’m a huge Seinfeld fan I wanted to share it.

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Sony PMW-EX1 – unboxing

12/8/2007 | 1

Sony PMW-EX1

Thanks to our friends at Design Matters, inc in Atlanta we can present our most expensive unboxing experience ever. The Sony PMW-EX1 is a professional camcorder that uses Sony’s newly developed SxS PRO solid-state memory as its recording medium. The card delivers up to 800 Mbps of data transfer and the imaging device consist of three 1/2-inch CMOS sensors each with a pixel count of 1920 x 1080. Here’s the holy unboxing ceremony of this $8,000 camcorder.

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Panasonic DMC-FZ18 – unboxing

12/5/2007 |

Panasonic DMC-FZ18

Today I got the brand new Panasonic Lumix FZ18 – a camera that features a massive 18x zoom. It also has a resolution of 8 megapixel and a built-in optical image stabilizer. Here is our holy unboxing gallery.

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Nikon D3 – unboxing

12/4/2007 | 2

Nikon D3 box

One of the hottest cameras at the moment is the new full frame DSLR from Nikon – the new Nikon D3. It features a 6400 ISO capable, 12.1 megapixel full frame sensor, 51-point autofocus, HDMI output, a 3-inch live view screen and two CF slots. It aint cheap though – expect to pay $5 000. Here is the holy unboxing gallery.

D3 unboxing [Engadget]

Amazon Kindle gutted

11/30/2007 |

Gutted Amazon Kindle

Rapid Repair has taken the unboxing experience to the extreme and spent some time unboxing an Amazon Kindle to the max. I think it’s quite interesting to see how new gadgets actually look on the inside, what do you think? Oh, I almost forgot: don’t try this at home…

Amazon Kindle Take-Apart []
via [The Raw Feed]