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fosfor gadgets | November 18, 2018

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Rock band – unboxing

11/22/2007 |

Rock band - unboxing

The Rock band is one of the most expensive games to ever hit the market but at least you get some real estate for your money – for the $169 you will get a drum set, a guitar, a microphone and a USB hub. A quite nice approach to prevent illegal copying isn’t it? Here’s some pictures from Engadgets holy unboxing ceremony.

Rock band crashes at our pad [Engadget]

Panasonic DMC-L10 – unboxing

11/13/2007 |

Today we got the new 10 megapixel digital camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-L10. It’s an entry-level SLR with a price of around $1300. A review of the camera will come in the near future but here is the holy unboxing ceremony. Check it out.

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Convert video to iPhone

10/31/2007 |

Convert video to iPhone

Want to know how to convert video to the iPod touch or the iPhone? Today Lifehacker presented a great guide to the Top 10 free video rippers, encoders, and converters out there. My personal favorites are Videora iPod touch converter for the PC and iSquint for the Mac.

Top 10 Free Video Rippers, Encoders, and Converters []

Creative Zen – unboxing

10/14/2007 |

Creative Zen - unboxing

Today I got the new media player from Creative – the Creative Zen – and we took some compulsory photos during the holy unboxing procedure. Check them out.

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iPod touch – unboxing

10/6/2007 |

iPod touch - uppackning

A couple of weeks ago I unboxed the new 3:rd generation iPod nano and today it was X-mas again. This time we unboxed the brand new iPod touch we got just a few hours ago (yeah, I know you have had it in the states for a couple of weeks, but I got one of the first in Sweden).

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iPod touch unboxed for real

9/16/2007 |

iPod touch really unboxed

Ifixit is a site that can help you out when you are repairing an Apple iPod – they sell spare parts. From time to time they publish some cool editorial content too, like today. They have taken the unboxing concept a bit further – they have unboxed an iPod touch completely. There’s 22 screws inside an iPod touch and it looks like they have started using flash memories from Toshiba instead of Samsung.

iPod Touch []
via [digg]

iPod nano 3G – unboxing

9/11/2007 |

iPod nano 3G

You already know that Apple unveiled a couple of brand new iPods last week and today we got the first one in the bunch – the iPod nano 3rd generation. And it is a true beauty! Check out our holy unboxing ceremony of the thin, tiny player with a big screen!

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HD DVD unboxing

8/8/2007 |

HD DVD version of The Bourne Supremacy

Ok I know that this ain’t exactly news, but since we did the blu-ray unboxing in December I think it’s fair to do a HD DVD unboxing even though it’s 8 months later.

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O2 Cocoon – unboxing

7/31/2007 | 4

O2 Cocoon

Today we received the brand new designer phone O2 Cocoon in the mail. I have just unboxed it and of course we’re sharing the holy unboxing ceremony with you guys. Come inside for lots of unboxing photos of this cool phone.

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Logitech Alto – unboxing

7/30/2007 |

Logitech Alto

The Logitech Alto is a full-sized keyboard that also serves as a notebook display riser which will put your notebook screen at eye level. Here’s our unboxing of this interesting product. Sorry about the poor quality of the photos, I only had a mobile phone camera available during the holy unboxing ceremony… :-)

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