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fosfor gadgets | November 18, 2018

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Sony Ericsson K810i – unboxing

7/2/2007 | 1

Sony ericsson K810i box

Today I got the new Sony Ericsson K810i, the upgraded version of the best seller Sony Ericsson K800i. It’ll be interesting to try out this new phone and it will probably be an even bigger success than the K800i (one of my favorite phones – it’s a kick ass phone). Here’s my unboxing gallery.

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Dell Ubuntu laptop unboxing

6/6/2007 |

Dell Ubuntu laptop unboxing

As you might know Dell has started shipping computers with the Ubuntu (a Linux distribution focused on usability), instead of Windows Vista or Windows XP. Dell announced that they would started selling Ubuntu computers on May 1st, and now the first bunch of computers have started arriving to end customers. Here’s a unboxing gallery of a Dell Ubuntu laptop.

A Dell/Ubuntu Laptop – Right out of the box []
via [digg]

Helio Ocean – unboxing

5/9/2007 |

Helio Ocean - unboxing

I’m a fan of unboxing galleries and while some of the unboxing experiences are just plain and boring, I found the Helio Ocean unboxing ceremony over at Gizmodo quite interesting.

Unboxing of the Helio Ocean []

XtremeMac Tango – unboxing

4/23/2007 | 1

XtremeMac Tango

I got myself a XtremeMac Tango (and a XtremeMac Luna) and shot a couple of snaps while unboxing this little beauty. The Tango is a 2.1 digital audio speaker system for the iPod that is supposed to deliver some big sound from a quite small package. It features a total of five speakers: two mid-range, two tweeters and a downward-firing subwoofer.

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OQO 02 – unboxing

4/4/2007 |

OQO 02

The OQO model 02 is a pretty cool mobile computer. They call it The world’s smallest Windows Vista PC. The specs are 1.5GHz CPU, 60GB HDD, and 1GB RAM so it’s a quite decent computer – that is really, really small (size: 5.6″(W) x 3.3″(H) x 1.0″(D)). Here’s the holy unboxing ceremony:

OQO 02 Unboxing…again []

Apple TV – unboxing

3/22/2007 |

Apple TV unboxing

You can never see too many gadget unboxing events in your life, and especially not Apple gadget unboxings. I really enjoy the extremely well designed packaging of all Apple products – and the new Apple TV is no exception. I guess many Apple TV unboxers was surprised to find out that Apple haven’t included any video cables inside the box.

Apple TV unbox gallery [Gizmodo]

Nokia N95 – first impressions

1/25/2007 |

Nokia N95

AAS – all about Symbian has got a Nokia N95 to play with and they have already post an article featuring their first impressions and some sample images. The main advantage with the Nokia N95 compared to other phones is the built-in GPS and the 5 megapixel camera. Oh, and don’t miss out on the last part of the article – the holy unboxing ceremony.

Nokia N95 First Impressionse’ []

Unboxing the LG BH100 Hybrid player

1/23/2007 |

LG BH100 box

LG announced this neat hybrid HD DVD / Blu-ray player at CES in Vegas just a couple of weeks ago. Here’s the holy unboxing procedure of the LG BH100 Hybrid player. I wonder why they have placed so many buttons on top of the player, I mean you usually want to stack these kind of units in a mega high tech tower…

Unboxing of the LG BH100 Hybrid Player []
via [Engadget]

Logitech diNovo Edge – unboxing

1/22/2007 |

Logitech diNovo Edge - unboxing
In Logitechs marketing material for the new diNovo Edge keyboard, you can read that it’s supposed to be The world’s most advanced keyboard. With a price tag that reads $199 it’s for sure one of the most expensive ones. Check out our little unboxing procedure of this slick keyboard….

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Blu-ray disc unboxing

12/24/2006 |

U2 - Rattle & Hum blu-ray version
Ok, this might be a little weird but since I know that some of you want it, here’s an unboxing of a blu-ray disc. The disc we’re unboxing is U2: Rattle & Hum. Check it out.

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