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fosfor gadgets | November 18, 2018

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Sandisk Sansa e270 – unboxing

8/28/2006 | 1

Sandisk Sansa e270

Today I received the 6GB version of the new MP3 player Sandisk – the Sansa E270.

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Optimus keyboard unboxing

8/17/2006 |

Optimus mini three keyboard - unboxing<br />

The ‘Optimus Keyboard is a extremely popular product that unfortunately doesn’t exist yet. The first time it was published at it got over 5000 diggs and 300 comments in the first 24 hours.

There was a rumour early this year that said that it would go on sale in February. That didn’t happen, instead they uveiled a mini three button keyboard. Here’s the unboxing procedure of the Optimus mini three keyboard.

Optimus Mini Three Keyboard: First Unboxing, Hands All Over []

Nokia N93 – unboxing

8/9/2006 |

Nokia N93

Today I received the new Nokia N93 – a really cool phone boasting a 3.2 megapixel camera with video capabilities, Carl Zeiss lenses, 3x optical zoom, WiFi and lots of other goodies.

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Unpacking gadgets

5/24/2006 |

Unboxing the MacBook Pro

Here’s a new blog that has a quite odd (but interesting) focus – the “Unboxing ceremony“.

I’m proud to announce – a site I created dedicated to sharing the “Unboxing Ceremony” that most geeks go through when we get a new piece of gear.
via [Gizmodo]

Unpacking the MacBook Pro

2/19/2006 |

MacBook Pro packaging If you have had the pleasure of unpacking a product from Apple lately, you know that they have spent some serious amount of time to get the packing right. That’s why it’s interesting to see the new MacBook Pro get unboxed from its packaging. Check out this photostream at flickr.

MacBook Pro Packaging []
via [engadget]

Unpacking the XBOX 360…

11/16/2005 | 1

Gizmodo - Unpacking the XBOX No, I haven’t received a XBOX 360 package – but the guys over at Gizmodo got their package yesterday. The article isn’t that interesting since they have received a special review kit – but anyway it’s nice to know that there will be lots of interesting articles regarding the XBOX 360 the next couple of days.

Unpacking The Xbox 360 [Gizmodo]

These guys got one, and opened it up: Inside Microsoft’s Xbox 360 []