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fosfor gadgets | November 18, 2018

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Lotus 1-2-3 commercial

1/30/2013 |

Here’s a funny commercial for Lotus 1-2-3 (a really old spreadsheet tool, launched in 1983) made for a tradeshow in 1983. Things have changed a bit since then…

Star Wars in a NYC subway car

1/23/2011 |

A pretty cool scene featuring Princess Leia, Darth Vader and a couple of stormtroopers acting in front of a bunch of amused NYC citizens. It was shot in July last year and you can read more about this (quite serious) project here:

Star Wars Subway Car []

Duke Nukem Forever Reveal Trailer

1/22/2011 |

The game Duke Nukem Forever has been in the making since 1997 but it has never been released. Now there’s finally a release date, May 3. Check out the new trailer for the game above.

Verizon’s iPhone commercial

1/21/2011 |

If you’re living in the US you probably know that Verizon will start distributing iPhones on the 10th of February. Here’s their first video commercial for the occasion.

Watch out while walking and texting

1/20/2011 | 6

Watch this video from a security cam in an American mall. It shows a girl busy messaging his friend and miss that there is a fountain coming up!

via []

Bad ass bandsaw skills

1/19/2011 |

Check out this guy using his bandsaw. Mad skills!

Via [Toolmonger]

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 – hands on

2/12/2008 |

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 - hands on

Gizmodo shot some video today of Sony Ericssons upcoming jewel XPERIA X1 and it looks like they have a loooong way to go until they are ready with the software. It is no way near Sony Ericssons prepared video and here is what Gizmodo’s Brian Lam has to say about it after playing around with the demo phone:

Screw this thing, guys. The dude was so proud, and rightfully so…and then I asked to see the dialpad and he shrunk away from that. It was the stock winmo dialpad.

Video: First Hands On Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X1 []

Hands on with the MacBook Air

1/15/2008 |

Hands on with the MacBook Air

This video is just minutes old and contains some hands on experience with the new multi gesture touch pad on the MacBook Air. It looks very easy to use and it looks like it’s very intuitive. Check out the video after the jump.

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Video from the MacWorld 2008 keynote

1/15/2008 | 5

MacWorld 2008 keynote video

Today Apple broke their speed record and got the Quicktime movie from todays keynote up in no time. Just visit the link below and click the play button to watch todays presentation.

Apple MacWorld 2008 Keynote quicktime movie []

Naughty Gizmodo

1/11/2008 |

Gizmodo playing around with a TV-B-Gone

Maybe you have heard of the keychain remote control TV-B-Gone that is capable of turning off almost any TV. Gizmodo have been playing around with a remote during the CES 2008 in Vegas and even turned off a screen during a press event Motorola had…(!). Check out their video clip, funny stuff.

Confessions: The Meanest Thing Gizmodo Did at CES [Gizmodo]