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fosfor gadgets | October 17, 2018

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The Darth Vader Pitch

5/26/2005 |

Darth Vader Pitch

This is a cool commercial for Orange featuring Darth Vader pitching a movie idea. Bottom line is that you should turn off your mobile phone when going to the movies…

The Darth Vader Pitch [Screening Room]

It’s a man’s world

5/15/2005 |

Sure for men

This commercial is really funny. The theme is ‘Stunt city’ – everything is extremely exaggerated and everybody is their own stuntman.

Sure for men []

A skating dog

2/20/2005 |

The Skating dog

I don’t have any background information about this clip, but it features s a dog skating – for real – and he/she is really good at doing it!

The skating dog

Don’t try this at home…

2/10/2005 |

This guy can ride...

Hey, this guy can surely show you a trick or two on his bike. He pulls off some really amazing stunts.

Awesome Motorcycle Tricks [Movie]

Einstein the parrot

2/6/2005 |

Einstein the parrotHey, this parrot is really awesome. You won’t believe me if I told you everything he could do. Check him out – a true petstar!

Einstein the parrot [Fosfor video]

Gran Turismo 4 – Game Intro Movie

2/5/2005 |

Gran Turismo 4 – Game IntroGran Turismo 4 Game Intro ScreenshotThe intro for the coming Gran Turismo 4 is a real cool piece of work. Check it out, and drool.

Gran Turismo 4 – Game Intro [Gametrailers]

Star Wars: Episode Three – Not so official trailer

2/3/2005 |

Star Wars Episode III Well, it’s not the official Star Wars Episode III trailer, but it’s very funny and amazingly well put together. Well worth a watch.

Star Wars Episode III: A Lost Hope