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fosfor gadgets | November 18, 2018

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Most downloaded TV shows of 2007

1/2/2008 |


Torrentfreak has published a Top 10 list of the most downloaded TV shows through the bittorrent tracker Mininova during 2007. The winner was Heroes 2.4 million downloads of the most popular episode. The actual download count is of course much higher becauese there’s always more torrents for each episode and Mininova isn’t the only tracker site – but I still think it’s interesting to see that it has been downloaded twice as many times as Top Gear, number 2 on their list. Here’s the full list:

Top 10 Most Pirated Movies and TV Shows of 2007 []
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Android demo

11/12/2007 |

Android demo

Yesterday the Android team over at Google posted a demonstration video of what the new open source platform is capable of. It looks pretty promising – and very iPhoneish…!

Android demo []

Student behind iPod Touch commercial

10/29/2007 |

Scene from the new iPod touch commercial

When Apple started brainstorming about the new commercial for their newest member in the iPod family – the iPod touch – someone got the brilliant idea to use the work by the young student Nick Haley who created a really good iPod touch commercial at home using just his MacBook and Final Cut Pro. Apple’s final version is very close to Nicks’s original version, so I wouldn’t call it a long shot saying that Nick Haley has a bright future in the marketing industry.

iPod touch ads []
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Yesterdays keynote video

9/6/2007 |

Steve Jobs on stage

If you missed out on Steve Jobs grand show in San Francisco yesterday, you can watch everything through Apples site today. Check it out it’s actually quite cool, especially the iPod touch part.

Apple Special Event: September 2007 []

Panasonic HDC-SD7

8/1/2007 |

Panasonic HDC-SD7
Panasonic HDC-SD7 is the world’s lightest and smallest full high definition video recorder. It features a 10x optical zoom, 3CCD and recording on SDHC cards. The camcorder will be out on September 8 in Japan for around $1200.

Panasonic’s HDC-SD7 dons title of world’s smallest HD camcorder [Engadget]

MSNBC anchor refuses to report on the Paris story

6/27/2007 |

MSNBC anchor tears up Paris script

This one hasn’t anything to do with gadgets, but it’s a good watch. The MSNBC’s news anchor Mika Brzezinski refuses to report on the Paris Hilton story and puts the script in a shredder.

MSNBC anchor tears up Paris script
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iPhone – guided tour video

6/25/2007 |

Apple iPhone - guided tour

I just found out that I have missed this great 25 minutes video tour of the hyped Apple iPhone. It’s a great watch and takes you through all the important features the phone can offer. Check it out.

iPhone. A guided tour []
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YouTube Remixer – edit online

6/17/2007 |

YouTube Remixer - edit online

You can finally edit your YouTube creations online. Don’t expect to be able to edit anything really serious, but if you’re just going to do some simple transitions or some pieces of text it will do just fine. Oh, and I nearly forgot. YouTube has launched a mobile version of their site letting all 3G users stream video content to their phones. If you want to see a video tour, just click the more link below.

YouTube Remixer: Edit Videos Online At YouTube [TechCrunch]

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Apple Keynote Video

6/12/2007 |

Apple Keynote Video

The video from yesterday’s keynote by Steve Jobs at the WWDC 2007 is finally live. If you’re an Apple fanatic and got 90 minutes to kill, it’s definitely worth watching. I’m actually about to take the leap from PC to Apple myself, so I’ll spend some time checking out the new features in OS X and see the demo ‘for real’.

WWDC 2007 Keynote Address []

YouTube on your Nintendo Wii

6/4/2007 | 1

Nintendo Wii can show all content on YouTube
Apple got a lot of press a couple of days ago when they told us that YouTube will be available on Apple TV in the near future. If you got a Nintendo Wii, you can just point the built-in Opera browser to and start looking. Pretty neat.

Nintendo Wii beats Apple TV []
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