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fosfor gadgets | October 17, 2018

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Facebooks live event

1/15/2013 |

Facebook is currently doing a mysterious press event where they are supposed to present something new and cool. Check out the live feed from The Verge.

Update: They, Facebook, have announced something they call Graph search which supposedly is some kind of search engine where you can search all data that has been shared with you on Facebook.


Facebook mail invite

11/15/2010 |

Facebook mail invite

The new Facebook messaging system will be soft launched today and you basically need an invite to get going. Your email isn’t showed in public, and we promise not to spam you. Add a comment on our Facebook mail invite post and we’ll hook you up as soon as we get any, and no, we won’t spam you.

Firefox 3 Beta 5 – review

4/2/2008 | 1

Firefox 3, soon to be launched

Today the Firefox crew released the final beta (next release will be the first release candidate) of the upcoming Firefox 3 browser and Percy Cabello over at Mozilla Links has put together a nice 4 page review of the latest release. The Beta 5 contains over 750 (!) fixes since the last version and it looks promising:

What is left? From a user perspective I would say almost nothing besides some retouches here and there to the user interface. Behind the scenes, however, work never ends: performance improvements, web standards compliance and edge cases are still being ironed.

Firefox 3 Beta 5 is here, and reviewed []

And finally here is the download of Firefox 3, beta 5.

Adobe Photoshop Express

3/27/2008 |

Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is an exciting new web based product from Adobe. It is a flash based, light version of the popular (to say the least) image editing software Photoshop. It works pretty good and it is totally free. Don’t expect to find the same advanced functions as in the full-scale versions but it works better than I initially thought it would. Not too bad at all!

Adobe Photoshop Express []

Engadget vs. Gizmodo

3/27/2008 |

Chris Mascari, Adrian Covert, and Brian Lam at Gizmodo HQ.

I am a daily reader of a bunch of tech and gadget blogs (surprise!) including the two gadget blog giants Engadget & Gizmodo. Today Wired published a great article about the rivalry between the two blogs. A great read.

Gear Blog Rivals Engadget and Gizmodo Turn the Competition Up to 11 []

Safari 3.1 – looking good

3/25/2008 |

Safari 3.1

One of my last posts before the Easter holiday was about the new Safari 3.1 version for Windows. Our friends over at Ars Technica played around with the new 3.1 version and it looks like they really like it…!

We’ll be paying much more attention to Safari now that it’s clear that Apple is serious about making this a quality download for Windows, however. It’s now a real contender, which it wasn’t previously.

Safari 3.1 on Windows: a true competitor arrives (seriously) []

Firefox 3 – lean and mean

3/12/2008 |

Graphs showing memory usage of IE7, Firefox 2 and Firefox 3

I am pretty sure that this graph is rendered to make IE7 look extra bad (I would actually guess that the green line would be Firefox 2 if I didn’t know the correct answer) – but we all know that opening new tabs in your browser is a memory killer for your computer. The good news is that the Firefox 3 team is working hard on making some significant improvements in the memory usage area as the graph from the tests above show you clear and loud.

Firefox 3 Memory Usage []


3/11/2008 |

Dropbox screenshot

It is a bit too slick to be true but the demo looks absolutely amazing. Dropbox is a new startup company from a couple of MIT computer science alums and it looks really promising! Basically it’s a really beautiful solution for sharing files online, with a group, between computers or whatever your need is. It got 3000 diggs in just a few hours so I guess I’m not the only one who liked their demo.
via [digg]

Blocking of Pirate Bay increased traffic

2/12/2008 |

The Jesper Bay

The Danish government have forced some of their ISPs to block the connections to the famous Swedish bittorrent site the Pirate Bay, and the only thing that led to was even more Danish traffic…in fact the blocking increased the traffic with 12 percent. The main reason for this was of course all the media attention plus the fact that a lot of Danish users switched to OpenDNS (where nothing is blocked).

Pirate Bay to IFPI: Danish ban has led to even more traffic []
The Jesper Bay – Sådan kommer du udenom spærringen af The Pirate Bay []

1 million spam caught

2/7/2008 |

1 005 853 total spam caught

Tonight my favorite WordPress plugin, Spam Karma, passed the 1 million mark. 1 005 853 spam caught as of today. Thank you guys, your plugin is the best!

Spam Karma 2.3 []