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fosfor gadgets | November 18, 2018

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Coloring book app for iPhone

Coloring book app for iPhone

Kids love playing around with the iPhone / iPad and more and more apps and games aimed for kids are hitting the market every day. Here’s an example, a coloring book app which is currently on an introduction sale for $0.99.

3D Coloring Book for Kids: Pets – Wins over creative iPhone users

Celebrating the recent success of 3D Coloring Book for Kids: Pets for iPhone and iPod touch, for a limited time only ComboApp is currently offering the app on sale. 3D Coloring Book for Kids: Pets offers young users the chance to easily color in beautifully rendered 3D animal characters. 3D Coloring Book for Kids: Pets continues to build in popularity, and has quickly climbed into Apple’s Top 50 paid iPhone apps list since its recent launch.

Vancouver, Canada – ComboApp, a leading Educational Publishing and Marketing Agency, is currently offering their 3D Coloring Book for Kids: Pets digital art utility for only $0.99 for a limited time only. This engaging coloring app for the iPhone and iPod touch is developed specifically for children’s use. True to its namesake, 3D Coloring Book for Kids: Pets offers users the ability to draw in three dimensions rather than two, allowing them to rotate and move original content around within the app. The app quickly burst into Apple’s Kids and Family app categories and has been climbing through the ranks into Apple’s Top 50 paid iPhone apps list almost immediately following its release. Allowing children to experience a digital art and creativity app on a level suitable for the iPhone, 3D Coloring Book for Kids: Pets is now available at the discounted price of only $0.99 on the Apple App Store for a limited time only.

This artistic utility allows users to create unique 3D illustrations complete richly textured colors and automatically added shading effects. With Coloring Book users aren’t simply stuck coloring inside the lines of a flat page, they’re given the freedom to roam through a 3D canvas and freely color in pre-designed pets and other figures on the way to creating dynamic three dimensional mosaics. A perfect catalyst for children to nurture their artistic abilities, this app allows for much greater freedom while exploring art and personal expression. Meanwhile, pre-drawn 3D pet outlines ensure that even the most inexperienced of children can effectively create fluid illustrations. As users color in various portions of Coloring Book’s canvas, changing hues and shading effects are automatically added to create a realistic three dimensional appearance.

With a remarkably diverse and useful set of features Coloring Book maximizes the freedom with which users can go about coloring in the virtual pets of their choice, whether they be puppies or parrots. The app gives users the ability to add pre-designed original animals and afterwards even allows the user to impart some animation to their newly drawn characters. Users are also able to save artwork directly within the application itself. The newest addition to Comboapp’s 3D Coloring Book series of children’s apps – and the first to become available for the iPhone and iPod touch – 3D Coloring Book for Kids: Pets offers both the creative power and usability to provide kids with an endless source of artistic entertainment while encouraging their creative development as well. The app’s resounding success acts only as further proof of its many merits.

3D Coloring Book for Kids: Pets 1.0:

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