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fosfor gadgets | November 12, 2018

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Concept furniture from Panasonic

Concept furniture from Panasonic, Stege

Panasonic in Sweden presented a couple of concept models to show off some different interior design concepts for flat screens. The designs are made by Axel Bjurström and we’re showing three of them below. Check them out.

The model above is called Stege (stege is the Swedish word for ladder) and it is based on wheels and can be moved along a rail mounted on either a wall or a shelf. This design also solves the problem that most accessories often requires more depth than the flat screen. I’m not sure how they intend to approach and solve all the cable issues though.

Concept furniture from Panasonic, Ridå
The concept above is called Ridå (the Swedish word for curtain) and is built for the bigger screens (50 inch and above). You can easily hide both the screens and all accessories with a curtain.

Panasonic visar konceptmöbler, Staffli
Staffli (the Swedish word for easel) and is the concept that I’m a bit sceptical about – mostly due to the fact that the screen is tilted and that the design makes the flat screen look kind of fat again.

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