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fosfor gadgets | October 18, 2018

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d-JAYS – Swedish earphone


Jens Nylander from Jens of Sweden has started a new company that is in the earphone business. Today they announced their first product, the d-Jays. It’s a $99 sound isolating earphone that is available in August.

Full press release from JAYS:

d-JAYS – A New Swedish Earphone
JAYS, a Swedish company and trademark, has developed a Sound Isolating System that reduces up to 90 percent of ambient noise, offering increased battery time on portable products and decreases the risk of so called iPod-ears (hearing impairment). Today JAYS introduces their first earphone model called d-JAYS, which uses this Sound Isolating System. The system is built around a fine balanced micro armature, earlier available only for rock stars.

This small sized micro armature and a unique ergonomic design makes it possible to produce the sound inside the ear, generating a better sound quality. The technology is based on Henry Egertons old patent from 1918. With advanced manufacturing, JAYS can now produce the armature in a micro format.

- Bundled earphones that come with portable music players are often of low quality and rarely use the full capacity of the music players. The consumers listening experience can improve a lot. JAYS aim is to do this with new technology that offers superior bass, natural mids and detailed highs, says Jens Nylander.

More than one in eight Swedish citizens suffers from some kind of hearing impairment (SCB/HRF).Urban surroundings generate high sound levels, and today’s music listeners increase the volume in order to drown these ambient sounds. Over time this can be harmful to the ears. JAYS Sound Isolating System reduces ambient sounds with as much as 90 percent, allowing listening at dramatically decreased volumes. This is accomplished through a perfect fit and soft silicon rubber sleeves in four sizes. The sleeves are washable and interchangeable.

- Users of d-JAYS will experience their music in a way that is not possible with bundled earphones.Furthermore, they will not need to drown surrounding noise allowing listening at lower volumes thus decreasing the fatigue on the ear, says Martin Alexandersson.

d-JAYS are designed and developed in Sweden, and are initially available in two colors; black and white.There will be a limited edition of three additional colors. Which these colors are is decided by the visitors to the website.

d-JAYS are made in a exclusive poly carbonate and uses Kevlar insulated cables for better sound quality and durability.

- With the JAYS technology, our Sound Isolating System and the ergonomic Swedish design we gain a unique market position. Manufacturers have up until now focused on traditional technology. We want to leap forward and really increase the consumers listening experience. Now iPod users can fully enjoy their product, ends Jens Nylander.

d-JAYS can be pre-ordered today with a 20% discount on the website These will be delivered in august. They will also be available in several stores with a recommended price of 99 USD (excl VAT). The earphones come with a 2 year warranty.


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