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fosfor gadgets | October 17, 2018

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Gadgets now and then – part 2

Camcorders now and then

A week ago I published the first part of Gadgets now and then – here’s the second part featuring new products from the golden years.

Personal organizers

Casio IF-8000 & Nokia E56
Just reading the tagline on the box of the Casio IF-8000 makes me smile:

Write it! Store it! Display it again! – I mean…WOW! ANother funny thing with the Casio IF-8000 is that it’s supposed to be some kind of organizer / calendar gadget – but it doesn’t have a built-in watch. Bummer.

If we do a comparison with today’s personal organizers, we can of course choose whatever model, and it would be lightyears ahead of the Casio, but one cool thing is that the old Casio IF-8000 is really small. Smaller than the organizers of today! On the right hand side you can find one of Nokias latest phones – the E61.

Casio IF-8000 Touch Screen Computer []
Nokia E61 []

Portable computers

Osborne I Portable Computer & Apple MacBook Pro
Imagine yourself going to a very important meeting to do a grandiose sales presentation and say the following sentence:

“Wait, I just have to rig my portable computer” – and now it’s gametime for the Osborne I, hehehe!

The Osborne I weighed over 30lbs, but had a 3 inch screen, dual floppy drives and a modem. 20 years ago you would have to pay near $2000 to buy one of these.

On the right hand side is the latest portable computer from Apple – the MacBook Pro:

Osborne I Portable Computer []
Apple MacBook Pro []

Handheld gaming

Mattel Starhawk vs. Playstation Portable
I haven’t played ‘Star hawk‘ from Mattel, so I really don’t know if it’s any good. But what I do know, is that I would choose to have the Playstation Portable any day of the year. Ok, but I admit that it would be quite cool to play a nice game of Star Hawk on the subway. Hehe.

Mattel Starhawk for sale []
PlayStation Portable in action [Engadget]


Rosendahl Watch II
The difference between the left and right watch ain’t that big. Sure, today you can buy watches with MP3, GPS and other built-in technologies but my point is that a watch is still a watch. No big difference other than design. The left watch is one of the first LCD watches from 1972. It’s original price was $200. On the right is a watch from the Danish designer Rosendahl for $185.

1972 Gruen Teletime LCD Watch []
Rosendahl Wath II []


Sony Portapak vs. Sony DCR-PC55E
On the left side you can see a true classic – the Sony Portapak CV-2400 which was marketed as “The world’s most advanced battery-powered videorecorder and hand-helt tv video camera” – which of course was true back in 1967. It was introduced for $1250 (an enormous amount of money at that time). You could record up to 20 minutes of near VHS quality (220 lines). On the right side is one of the smallest camcorders of today – the Sony DCR-PC55E.

Sony CV Series Video [] (scroll down!)
Sony Announces World’s Smallest miniDV Camcorders []

Here is Part 1 if you’ve missed it.

One comment on “Gadgets now and then – part 2

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