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fosfor gadgets | July 22, 2018

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Helio Hero and Kickflip

Helio Kickflip

Today’s press release from ‘Helio’ is more about their service portfolio than theire new handsets – the Helio Hero and the Helio Kickflip.

Press release from Helio:


LOS ANGELES – February 16, 2006 – HELIO LLC, a new mobile brand built for young, tech-savvy consumers, today unveiled its exclusive launch devices – the Hero and Kickflip – and initial details about its mobile service strategy. The multimedia handsets, debuting exclusively with Helio this spring, are designed to maximize the high-speed 3G experience for US consumers. The Helio service portfolio has also been carefully crafted to make Helio the hub of a connected group of friends by giving members extraordinary access to the people, entertainment and information they care about. Highlighting Helio’s services suite is a partnership to optimize the mobile MySpace experience for Helio members.

Exclusive, Powerful Handsets
The first two Helio devices, based on popular high-end handsets from Korea, combine innovation from one of the most advanced 3G markets in the world with design elements and features tailored for the US consumer.

The jet-black Hero, produced by Pantech, is a multimedia powerhouse, featuring a virtual mobile entertainment center with a 2.2 inch, 262K-color high-resolution QVGA LCD display, industry-leading audio capabilities with full duplex stereo speakers, removable memory, and a 2.0 megapixel camera with digital zoom and flash for capturing pictures and video. Hero also packs a co-processor chip that delivers high-quality music and video for an exceptional entertainment experience, allowing versatility in content and services like never before.

The pearlescent Kickflip, produced by VK Mobile, packs similar advanced features as the powerful Hero in a sleek body with an innovative swivel opening that flips to the right or left with the simple nudge of your finger. The swivel action was designed by Helio to be fun and addicting, like its services.

Helio Kickflip

Hero and Kickflip each sport an elegant, luminescent user interface designed by and exclusive to Helio. The jet-black Hero features a “night” themed interface, while the lustrous Kickflip glows with a “day” theme.

“Helio is for those of us who want a badge of personality, not a phone; a mobile lifestyle, not a utility,” said Sky Dayton, CEO of HELIO LLC. “We combine innovation directly from Korea, one of the most sophisticated mobile cultures in the world, with local consumer insight to give our members devices and experiences they’ve been craving but haven’t had access to before in the US.”

Helio Kickflip and Helio Hero

Helio Services
Helio will offer services customized for its members that combine access to friends, games, music, video and more with exclusive community-based functionality that enhances their overall experience. “The true power of wireless is about communication, about connecting us to our friends when we’re out living life,” added Dayton. “This is also a signal of Helio’s unique approach in the industry. Instead of simply cutting and pasting the traditional monolithic content distribution model into the ‘third screen’, we see the mobile device as the hub of your world, and content itself not just as something to be consumed, but as particles of communication to be discovered and shared.”

MySpace Mobile On Helio
Anchoring the Helio service vision as the hub of a connected lifestyle is a launch partnership with MySpace. MySpace Mobile On Helio will bring together the phenomenon of online social networking with the power of wireless connectivity to transform the way people discover, create and share within their connected lives. Helio is customizing the MySpace Mobile experience to free the more than 55 million MySpace users from their PC, giving them anytime, anywhere access to their MySpace network.

MySpace Mobile On Helio will allow our members to share their lives as they happen and evolve the MySpace experience from being about what you did last night to about what you are doing right now,” said Rob Gelick, head of media and community services, HELIO, LLC.

MySpace Mobile On Helio is a rich mobile service that leverages the devices’ advanced capabilities to keep MySpace members connected to their network through mail, bulletins, profiles, blogs and photo galleries.

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