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fosfor gadgets | January 20, 2018

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Hitachi DZ-BD7H

Hitachi DZ-BD7H

We just got a press release from Hitachi letting us know that they have unveiled the Hitachi DZ-BD7H – the world’s first blu-ray disc camcorder. It’s in fact a camcorder combo where you can choose whether to record on a blu-ray disc or on the built-in 30GB hard drive. It’ll be launched in Japan in the end of August for around $1600. More information and photos inside.

Full press release from Hitachi:


Two New Camcorders Capable of Recording One Hour 1920×1080 Full High-Definition Video on a Blu-ray Disc

TOKYO August 2, 2007 – Hitachi, Ltd. announced the world’s first Blu-ray Disc (BD) Camcorder, -which records one hour of 1920×1080 Full High-Definition video onto a BD (single side, single layer.) The new camcorders will start selling in Japan on August 30, 2007, and overseas market sequentially starting from October.

The new DZ-BD7H is a Hybrid Cam with a BD drive and a 30 gigabyte (GB) built-in hard disc drive (HDD) which can record approximately four hours of 1920×1080 full high-definition video, or up to eight hours of 1440×1080 high-definition video. It can also copy the contents from HDD to 8cm BD within the camcorder so that users do not need to use any external devices.

The new DZ-BD70 is a BD single drive camcorder which can record approximately one hour of 1920×1080 full high-definition video (two hours of 1440×1080 high definition video) on a 8cm BD.

Hitachi DZ-BD7H

The new BD camcorders have a system which captures, records and stores 1920×1080 full high-definition video throughout the whole process with its newly developed full high-definition lens, 5.3 mega pixel progressive CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) image sensor *2 with effective 2.07 mega pixels for video and 4.32 mega pixels for still photo, the newly developed full high definition signal processor “Picture Master Full HD,” and the world’s first 8cm BD drive, which can record 1920×1080 full high definition video on a 8cm BD which has 5 times more capacity than a 8cm DVD.

Non-tape media camcorders such as DVD and HDD camcorders have grown to dominate more than 80% of the camcorder market*3High definition camcorders have taken more than 30% of the consumer camcorder market*3, and are expected to continue growing.

Hitachi DZ-BD7H

Hitachi, with its corporate statement “Inspire the Next, “has been creating new product categories and established new standards in the industry. In 2000, Hitachi introduced the world’s first DVD camcorder, and in 2006, the world’s first hybrid camcorder with a DVD drive and an HDD drive, which makes it easy to dub the contents on the HDD to the DVD. The spirit behind the innovation was always a careful consideration of the customer’s needs.

This time, with the keyword “A True Breakthrough in Your Hand,” Hitachi developed an 8cm BD/DVD Drive for Camcorders, Full High Definition Signal Processor Engine “Picture Master Full HD”, and CMOS Image Sensor for Full High Definition*2With these core technologies, Hitachi adopted BD as a media since it has more than five times the capacity of a DVD and can record 1 hour of 1920×1080 full high definition video on one disc to create two models of the world’s first BD camcorders, which shoot, playback, and store full high-definition in every process. Hitachi will continue to mobilize its technology to introduce camcorders that meet the needs of the consumers.

Hitachi DZ-BD7H

Hitachi DZ-BD7H

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