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fosfor gadgets | November 18, 2018

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Optimus Maximus unboxing

2/23/2008 | Mikael Svardh

Optimus Maximus unboxing

I will skip the background of the Optimus Maximus but if you are interested in the whole story, feel free to browse through my 20 or so postings about the keyboard. Engadget scored one and published an unboxing gallery and an installation video.

Optimus Maximus unboxing [Engadget]

Optimus Maximus in cheaper forms

11/29/2007 | Mikael Svardh

Optimus Maximus now with fewer active displays

All articles I have read about the incredibly cool keyboard Optimus Maximus has mentioned it’s extremely high price of $1500. The creator behind the keyboard Art Lebedev have been listening and now they have introduced 4 new versions of the keyboard where the pricing is based on the amount of active displays. The cheapest one will cost you $463 but it only features 1 active button, the model with 10 active buttons will cost you $599 and the 47 button version will cost you $1000. To get the full version with 113 active keys you still have to pay $1500…

Optimus Maximus []

Optimus – for real

11/22/2007 | Mikael Svardh

Optimus keyboard from Art Lebedev

I just did a search for ‘Optimus’ within my old posts and found out that I have written 15 posts about the Optimus keyboard from Art Lebedev. It has gone so far that it has become a joke – will the keyboard ever hit the market? Today was a big breakthrough as the Wired store in Soho, New York city got a keyboard and both Engadget and Gizmodo have been there and published a story about the really cool but ridiculously expensive keyboard ($1500). If you are in a hurry be sure to check out Gizmodo’s 30 second clip.

Optimus Keyboard Video: 30 Seconds of Lust (Plus Gallery) [Gizmodo]
Hands-on with Optimus Maximus (at last!) [Engadget]

Optimus in the wild

9/14/2007 | Mikael Svardh

En bild av det allra första serietillverkade Optimus-tangentbordet

It was over two years (July 2005) since I, and the rest of the gadgetosphere, wrote about the incredibly cool russian keyboard Optimus for the very first time. But instead of an extremely successful product launch, the project has been plagued by delay after delay and really high pricing of the product. But it looks like it will really happen this time. The photo above features the first serial manufactured Optimus keyboard. Check it out.

First Optimus Maximus Arrives at Moscow []

Give your photos a Hollywood effect

5/21/2007 | Mikael Svardh

Optimus Maximus keyboard

Ok this is a bit off topic, but since I know many of you guys are into both photography and Hollywood movies you’ll probably enjoy this little Photoshop tip too. It’ll let you turn any boring photo into a widescreen shot with a bit more visual impact. Check it out.

How to turn your photo into movie-like effect using Photoshop? []
via [digg]

Pre-order the Optimus Maximus

5/21/2007 | Mikael Svardh

Optimus Maximus keyboard

We have written a lot of posts about the Optimus Keyboard already, but as they have opened up the pre-order section on the official site it’s time for a short update. If you order one today – and pay the ridiculous amount of $1564 – you might be one of the 200 buyers that will get a keyboard in late December.

Optimus pre-order []
via [digg]

Optimus Maximus

3/16/2007 | Mikael Svardh

Optimus Maximus keyboard

We’ve written lots of stories about the Optimus keyboards the last year or two, and today we finally got some official pictures of the soon to be shown to the public keyboard from Art Lebedev. The keyboard will be shown at the CeBIT in Germany that started today (15 – 21 March in Hannover, Germany). Even though the keyboard will be officially available quite soon (well, at least it will be out this year) – the price tag will probably scare away most of the fans. $1490! Yes, that’s right – freakin $1490 for a keyboard…5 more pictures inside.

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Optimus keyboard to debut on CeBIT

3/5/2007 | Mikael Svardh

Optimus keyboard

The Optimus keyboard ended up on the 3rd place on our Top 10 most beautiful keyboards and it looks like we will finally get to see one of them for real in the near future. According th Art Lebedevs livejournal page the keyboard will be shown at Cebit that takes place between 15 – 21 March in Hannover, Germany. But if you want to buy one you still got to wait until the last quarter of 2007 – and have plenty of $ to spend.

Optimus Key Modules []

Top 10 most beautiful keyboards

2/26/2007 | Mikael Svardh 2

Speedlink metal keyboard
A couple of months ago we put together the list of the ‘Top 10 most beautiful cellphones‘. Today we’ll concentrate on the world’s most beautiful keyboard. We’ve probably looked at several thousand keyboards before we came up with these final 10, so if you know of any additional keyboard with a truly unique and nice design, please add them in the comment below! Ok, lets get it on with number 10:

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The delete key eraser

2/18/2007 | Mikael Svardh

Tersumus eraser - delete key eraser

Art Lebedev (you know, the guys that never will release the Optimus keyboard) has unveiled a cool little eraser. It looks just like an eraser keyboard key and will be available on July 10 for around $10.

Tersumus eraser []