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fosfor gadgets | June 21, 2018

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Invisible Shield – review

Invisible Shield

During my vacation I’ve tried out the scratch protection film called Invisible Shield for my iPod and my Canon EOS. Here’s a full review of this excellent gadget protection from ShieldZone.

Invisible Shield is a thin, transparent film that you can apply on a wide range of gadgets. Originally the film was developed for the military to protect helicopter rotor blades, so it’s supposed to be extremely tough and it also comes with a lifetime guarantee. Let’s start by checking out what’s inside the package. Invisible Shield - what's inside the package
Inside the package you can find a small spray bottle, a squeegee, the plastic film and application instructions. The process is really straight forward and I managed to apply the protective film on my iPod in under 5 minutes.

Cleaning my iPod with a micro fiber cloth

It’s very important that your gadget is clean, so you better start off by removing all fingerprints, dusts and other stains – and don’t forget to wash your hands. I used a simple micro fiber cloth to clean my iPod.

Spraying the film with shieldspray
Before you start applying the film on your gadget you shall spray both sides with the ‘Shieldspray’ and then you simply apply the film to your device. It’s quite easy to do since the sticky side can be slided around until it fits perfect.

Using the squeegee to excess moisture

Using the squeegee to excess moisture
After applying the film you shall use the squeege to remove any excess moisture and push out eventual air bubbles.

iPod from in just the right light to see the texture of the Invisible Shield

iPod from in just the right light to see the texture of the Invisible Shield

iPod from in just the right light to see the texture of the Invisible Shield
It’s quite hard to see if your gadget is protected with the Invisible Shield since the film is absolutely clear but it does have a slight texture – so in the right angle you see the typical reflexes from the protective film.

Verdict: 9 out of 10

Protected iPod with Invisible Shield
I’ve been using the Invisible Shield on both my iPod and my Canon EOS Digital Rebel for over two weeks now, and I’m very impressed by this product from ShieldZone. It does an excellent job and my test gadgets are completely scratch free – so far anyway – and I’ve been using them quite careless but haven’t been able to damage the film at all.

The full body shield for my iPod cost $24.95 and the screen shield for the LCD on Canon EOS Digital Rebel cost $11.95 – and I think they are worth every penny. Highly recommended!

РMikael Svärdh

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