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fosfor gadgets | October 18, 2018

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iPhone sighted in Sweden

Henrik Larsson holding an iPhone for a couple of minutes

The iPhone is only officially launched in the US, but that ain’t stopping Apple fan boys from around the world getting one. The probloggers over at the Feber network here in Sweden got one a couple of days ago (although they will not use it for phone calls as all calls are routed through AT&T in the US making it pretty darn expensive to call) and you could even buy 4 iPhones from Blocket (Sweden’s answer to Craig’s list) – for $1640(!), (could be a fake though).

Roger at Feber is pretty impressed with the phone:

I must say it again – I’m euphoric. This is the shit. This is a real mobile phone and it has crushed the competition. And Apple will reach their prognosed sales figures already this year as long as they can get enough phones out of the factory..

Henrik Larsson’s first meeting with the iPhone []
With an iPhone in my hand [] (in Swedish).

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