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fosfor gadgets | October 18, 2018

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iPod touch – review

iPod touch package - Apple delivers another great gadget package design.

ArsTechnica always deliver interesting reviews, and today’s review of the latest iPod from Apple is no exception. The review is extremely detailed and covers all there is to know about the strenths and weaknesses of the iPod in 7 full pages, accompanied with lots of photos. If you don’t have the time to go through their great review, here’s the really short summary:

The Good:
* Slim profile, lightweight
* iTunes Store well implemented
* 3.5″ display is great for video
* Snappiness of UI
* Built-in web browser
* WiFi support
* iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store delivers

The Bad:
* No e-mail client
* Lack of ability to edit calendar items
* Screen quality isn’t as good as that of the iPhone
* Negative black affect may be more than an isolated problem
* Only 16GB of storage means I have to leave some of my music at home
* Can’t use 802.11b/g to sync
* No iPod disk mode

a review of the iPod touch []

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