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fosfor gadgets | May 26, 2018

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Panasonic Diga DVD line

Panasonic Diga DVD line

Today Panasonic introduced 6 brand new DVD recorders. All of them with a HDMI digital connection, HDAVI Control, one touch start-up and multi-format recording and playback. They will be introduced in April and cost between $179.95 and $549.95. More information and pictures inside.

Full press release from Panasonic.


LAS VEGAS, NV (January 4, 2006) — Recently, Panasonic received top honors from a number of leading consumer magazines for several of its 2005 DVD recorder models. Building on this acclaim, Panasonic debuts six new DIGA DVD recorders that live up to the high standards that have come to be expected from the brand.

“With this new generation of DVD recorders, we’ve taken what we’ve done well in the past and made it better,” said Alberto Reggiani, Panasonic national marketing manager. “As an innovator in this product category, we’re committed to providing consumers with cutting-edge, easy-to-use products that add value to their everyday lives. One of our main goals was to provide ease of use solutions for the consumer and we’ve accomplished that with, among other features, the HDMI digital connection, HDAVI Control, one touch start-up and multi-format recording and playback.”

Panasonic Diga DVD line

HDMI and Panasonic’s new HDAVI-Control function are integral parts of Panasonic’s solution focused approach. The digital connection allows consumers to connect multiple components, such as the award-winning Panasonic plasma television and Panasonic home theater receiver, permitting the user to move away from multiple wires and remotes and control their components with a single operation.

Instead of multiple cables required, the 2006 model HDMI Recorders use a single HDMI cable to transmit both audio and video. When using the HDMI connection to link one of the new 2006 DIGA recorders to a 2006 Panasonic Viera television, ease of use multiplies. For example, the new HDAVI Control function enables the user to view a DVD disc by pressing a single button on the remote. Instead of having to use separate remotes to first turn on the television, then turn on the recorder, just by pressing the “play” button on the remote, the DVD recorder turns on and then also turns on the television and selects the correct input.

Panasonic Diga DVD line

High picture quality remains a top priority for the 2006 line of recorders. An example of the picture-enhancing feature is the new HD Resolution Up-Conversion. When connected to an HDMI compatible display, the images are converted to 720p or 1080i. Result: beautiful, high-resolution images that are perfect for today’s large-screen HD flat panel displays.

Standard on all of the new models is DV input and new super multi-drive recording and playback, which enables recording and playback of all current DVD formats including DVD-RAM, DVD-R1, +R1, DVD-RW1, +RW1 for enhanced compatibility with personal computers and DVD players. As with previous models, the new recorders also play back DVD-Audio, DVD-video, video CD, audio CD (CD-DA), and CD-R/RW2 MP33/JPEG formatted discs.

The new models also feature a new “easy” operation that allows consumers to transfer content from a DVC camcorder or SD card in one easy step. Past recorders required up to six steps to dub video content from a DV tape. Once the DV camcorder is connected, a menu automatically appears and the user is prompted to hit “enter” to start the dubbing process. Similarly with SD playback, after an SD Memory Card is placed in one of this year’s SD-enabled recorders, a menu is displayed with a prompt to hit “enter” to start playback or transfer digital images saved to the card.

Panasonic Diga DVD line

Other enhanced functions include:
• New Auto DVD-R Finalizing*: When “eject” is pressed, an on-screen query asks if the user would like to finalize the disk, a process required for the DVD disc to be playable in other DVD players.

• New “task-oriented” Graphic User Interface (GUI): An iconic menu for “Playback,” “Schedule,” “Delete,” “Copy,” and “Other Functions” that makes it easy to select and complete the desired function.

• The TV Guide On-Screen Electronic Program Guide, a feature that does not require a fee or telephone line for hook-up will be available on the DMR-EH55 and DMR-EH75VS.

The built-in SD Memory Card slot4 and SD viewer for JPEG images also allows fast, easy networking and file sharing between the DVD recorder and many personal computers, digital cameras and camcorders, and other SD-enabled A/V devices, such as Panasonic’s line of fully integrated VIERA plasma displays.

DMR-ES15 – $179.95
Super Multi-Format Recording & Playback; 1-second Quick Start for Recording ; Universal Design GUI (Graphic User Interface); 2x LP Horizontal Resolution (500 Lines); VCR Refresh Dubbing with Advanced DNR; DV Auto Recording & Playlist Creation

DMR-ES25 – $229.95
DVD Recorder with SD Slot Same as DMR-ES15, but adds HDMI and HD Resolution Up Converter; and Photo Storage & Quick View with SD Slot

DMR-ES35 – $279.95
DVD Recorder with VHS VCR Same as DMR-ES15, buts adds One-touch 2-way S-VHS Dubbing; DV Auto Recording & Playlist Creation
Does not have SD slot or HD Resolution Up Converter

DMR-ES45 – $329.95
DVD Recorder with SD Slot & VHS VCR Same as DMR-ES35, but adds HDMI and HD Resolution Up Conversion; SD Slot; One-touch 2-way S-VHS Dubbing; and VHS-VCR

DMR-EH55 – $549.95
DVD Recorder with SD Slot & Hard Disk Drive Same as DMR-ES25, but adds 200GB HDD; and TV Guide On-Screen Electronic Programming Guide

DMR-EH75 – $549.95
DVD Recorder with Hard Disk Drive, VHS-VCR & SD Slot Same as DMR-ES45, but adds 80GB** HDD; and TV Guide On-Screen Electronic Programming Guide

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