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fosfor gadgets | October 18, 2018

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Live stream from Apple’s iPhone 5 event

9/12/2012 | 1

As usual there’s no live stream from the Apple event but here’s the best places to follow it ‘live’:

The Verge’s iPhone 5 live blog
Gizmodo Live
Engadget’s live blog

Apple’s iPhone 5 event confirmed at Sept 12

9/4/2012 |

Apple just confirmed that they will arrange a ‘special event’ on September 12 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts at 10:00AM in San Francisco. And as you can see by the shadow on the image above it’s obvious that it’s the iPhone 5 event. Eight days to go!

Steve Jobs: unseen images

9/3/2012 |

The photographer Norman Seeff has published a bunch of never before published images featuring Steve Jobs anno 1984. Check out the gallery over at Retronaut.

iPhone 5 prototype gallery

9/2/2012 | 1

iPhone 5 Prototype

A bunch of photos of a iPhone 5 prototype that looks authentic recently appeared in this Flickr gallery by ‘Chrisbrownie91. As mentioned earlier it’s a bit thinner, a bit longer and the back of the iPhone 5 has a nice matte finish. Check out the gallery inside.

iPhone 5 Prototype

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Fake (?) iPhone 5 from the IFA 2012 (Video)

9/2/2012 | 1

This video popped up on several sites today and it says it’s a ‘world exclusive video’ of the new iPhone 5. It looks pretty fake to me but we will see the real thing in a couple of weeks – it might, just might, be the real deal. But I wonder why they didn’t turn it on if it was the real deal.

R.I.P. Steve

10/6/2011 | 4

The tragical news that Steve Jobs has died was just released by Apple. Rest in peace, Steve. You are already missed…

Remembering Steve Jobs

A real Apple pie

1/25/2011 | 42

A real Apple pie

If you have access to an old pen plotter and a powerful laser you can bake yourself an Apple pie the way it’s supposed to be. This beautiful pie is made by EvilMadScientist.

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